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Hosting tonight



I feel the picture quality on channel 95 here in Melbourne for the Cricket World Cup final is not as good as the past few nights. Is the match being shown on upscaled SD?

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I would have thought that this was shown on upscaled SD on 95, however bit rate on ch 95 is much lower than Channel 9

Yeah, it doesn’t look like HD again. There was also the same issue a few nights ago for the IND v NZ semi final.

Cricket World Cup 2019 Final Watermark popped up on the screen. No longer #CWC19, but changed to a different watermark on top left hand screen.

I think 9Gem HD in Melbourne has been in SD only all throughout the schedule for awhile now. Very lazy of Nine not to fix the issue. Hopefully someone notices prior to the Ashes.


Still looks HD in Sydney, but yes, not as good as previous nights, a few bits seem to have been lopped off the stream, just not quite as crisp.

hmmm so in Melbourne on Thursday night, the ashes are on Gem, and nrl on go… the netball is on thursday night too…

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With the World Cup over and the ratings kicking goals for Nine; it begs the question, why didn’t Seven pick up the ODI’s in Australia again? :joy:

Some of nines games were viewed by more people than seven summer of cricket!

ODI still the best TV viewing format in cricket.

Super over, super Game; to the cousins across the ditch, I feel for you! It was your WC taken by a super rule.

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Not true. I watched the channel a few nights ago and it was noticeably HD in Melbourne.

What I think of Nine’s #CWC19 coverage

  1. Nine’s coverage was good and saw some healthy ratings during prime time. Even Perth viewers outrated Adelaide, Brisbane and also Sydney! As well as this, 9 also televised matches that don’t involve Australia (e.g. India v England, South Africa v England, NZ v England). This pushed primetime shares up a bit.
  2. Kudos to James Bracey for the hard work for the CWC19 Final. He has put in extra effort into presenting the coverage from Sydney Studios.
  3. I like the rock music that was being played when the coverage goes to ad break. It was also good that they brought back the theme music for the Nine Cricket Coverage but with the party rock music.
  4. Graphics for ICC Cricket World Cup shows that the lines are moving diagonally left to right, and right to left. Reminds me of the 10 On-Air Presentation that they used since November 2018! Yikes!
  5. 9Now - People can watch the matches on 9Now.
  6. 9Gem also upscaled its channel in HD.

Nine’s coverage of cricket has not stopped here.

They still have the following:
Women’s Ashes Series 2019 in England (Jul-Aug)
Men’s Ashes Series 2019 in England (Aug-Sep)
2019 Women’s T20 World Cup in Australia (Feb-Mar)
2019 T20 World Cup in Australia (Oct-Nov)
2023 Cricket World Cup in India 2019 (Feb-Mar)

I have read somewhere about Nine still having the CWC in 2023 but not too sure when their deal with the ICC ends?


Only criticism, a common theme, is the lack of main channel prominence. Main channels have by far the greatest reach, as seen every single night by the pultry in comparison shares multi-channels get (which refutes suggestions 'there’s no difference between main and multi channels). Also, numerous multi-channels are only available in certain territories. At least they eventually fixed the quality from SD to HD.


They were in the Melbourne Studios for all matches I believe. Bracey is an exceptional presenter. I hope he gets a few more gigs hosting throughout the Ashes.


LOL i thought the graphic was about the pink hair lady! haha

Didn’t 9Gem generally receive far bigger shares during the Cricket World Cup (including last night) than their normal lineup of British detective dramas and old movies usually gets? I mean with last night’s final, 9Gem was giving Ten’s main channel a run for its money - probably was even beating Ten after MasterChef finished.

I’m highly sceptical that Nine would’ve enjoyed the same ratings if they had all coverage of the Cricket World Cup on the main channel and regular programming on 9Gem, particularly from Sunday to Wednesday!

9Gem is available everywhere?

Mind you outside of the capital city Nine O&O markets, it’s pretty much either only in SD or HD rather than both.

I’ve been a bit confused a bit with the staff duties for NRL (Sterlo hosted yesterday’s NRL match.

Isn’t meant to be 2020 T20 World Cup in Australia? Also there is a T20 World Cup in India that will be hosted in March 2021.

LOL what😂, would’ve been way higher! The one night (or so) they aired it on main channel it rated over 700k metro, 9Gem was doing down around 200k, 300k tops.

Southern Cross 9 could have more flexible with their scheduling given that 9Gem HD isn’t available regionally. Last night/early morning for example while the cricket was on 9Gem in SD, SC 9HD had infomercials.


In terms of viewer and public interest, a World Cup is on a whole other level compared to a ‘run of the mill’ ODI series played during the Summer.

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