Newshub (including The Project NZ)


There was plenty of change between 2000 to 2005!

Personally think if Three is sold, the 3 News brand should come back. A lot of people I know still refer to it as such.


I loved the late 04-05 theme.

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Bang on the money.

I wonder is anyone would be interested in the newsroom as a stand-alone slice of the TV3 pie? It would probably spell doom for the broadcast side, but is probably the only asset with reasonable return.

Top effort. I found an “interesting” 3 News update on an old VHS with Darren MacDonald from 1999 - celebrating ten years. Will chuck it on YouTube when I get the time.

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My memory may be doing me wrong, but I think the flying glasses look on the burnt orange 04/05 look also tied in with the network idents.

There was a relaunch in 05 to coincide with the launch of Campbell Live at 7 (March from memory) with a new news set and I think a new ident package for the network too.

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Pass. Perhaps they felt it didn’t match the new graphics. 3/Newshub has never hadn’t the same attachment to music as TVNZ, which has largely retained the same tune in one form or another for 30 years. The graphics with 3 seem to come first and music secondary.

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Yea I remember the squares and on channel brand and squares on news brand and the news music being related to the channel brand music

The AM Show this morning using some of the old intros/backdrops for the News updates. Plus showing of some of the old posters throughout the year.
They had John Hawkesby in for a newsread at 8am. I have to watch the rest of the recording later.


Anyone else think those backdrops look so much better!

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Why did they not do this for 1News?

Very annoyed.

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Did you have video of this by chance?

I did record it but it won’t be up till tomorrow by the earliest hopefully.


Thank you!

I’m sooo hoping when three is eventually sold they will revert back to the original 3 logo
3 News instead of newshub to me the term newshub is pointless
& will be even more once the tv/ radio side go there separate ways

Mike adorning an old TV3 blazer tonight on Newshub.


cool how three have done this, was expecting tvnz to do something for a 50th but did nothing but small packages.

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Here is a montage of the events yesterday on The AM Show.



“This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds”

Does it work in Aussie only?

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Only New Zealand is blocked -sigh- Trying to remove the track haha.
Update: Fixed now!

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