Newshub (including The Project NZ)


Lucky the hosts are a lot better bunch on The AM Show, because those graphics are disgusting. Makes Breakfast’s set up look world class.

They should never have ditched the Paul Henry show backdrop… at least it didn’t look like a show for preschoolers…




My mock of a new look for The AM Show. I really like the intro and set for CTV’s Your Morning programme. I definitely think a set like this would be great for The AM Show.

As for graphics, I have redesigned the logo and the primary colours in use are a light blue and yellow.

Lower thirds would be simple and modular. A flicker would rotate through news, sport and weather headlines.

This is a work in progress and is just the start of a concept in mind. Any suggestions or considerations would happily be received.


How did you make those Graphics? Looks good


Mel Davies and Simon Shepherd are presenting this evening. Sam and Mike have been on and off during the last couple of weeks. Would’ve thought you would want your frontline presenters fronting coverage of this national heatwave.


It is odd they’ve been off and on, but imho the heatwave isn’t significant enough to warrant them being called back. (The heatwave is significant but only in the context of global warming etc)


I heard they are back first week of Feb


Mike’s uncle died and he’s been at the tangi.


(30/1/2019-1/2/2019) Simon Shepherd is presenting Newshub Live at 6pm with Sam Wednesday to Friday this week. Ollie Ritchie presenting sport on Thursday.


The 3x3 ran into a graphical error during live at 6 tonight was an issue with corrupt graphics stayed on it for about 10 to 15 seconds not at this level but a frozen graphic witch colour pars at the top.


Thought I’d mention that Alex O’Hara has been presenting the weather on location across the country this week. The last time I can remember weather was done outside of the studio was during the Mike Hall days!

I assume Ingrid will be back next week after working during the Chrissy hols.


Ingrid is back as backup while Alex is on location. On Monday Ingrid did the late news weather update as there was no late news that night.


Oh… is this just to boost Alex’s profile then?


Kinda weird. Why wouldn’t Alex be the backup for Ingrid, she is the main weather presenter ?


Alex has been touring the heatwave/drought hotspots hasn’t she? Perhaps Ingrid was unavailable to travel.


(4/2/2019) Looks like the video wall is not operating Monday following last week’s technical glitch. Weather is being presented from the desk.

EDIT: Back to normal tonight.


God that backdrop looks awful from that angle.


The AM Show, Newshub Live at 4pm & Newshub Late won’t air on Waitangi Day tomorrow - but The Project will.


Great now I can’t leave work till the project is done.


(6/2/2019) Sacha McNeil and Tom McRae are presenting Newshub Live at 6pm tonight. Nicky Styris is presenting sport and Alex O’Hara is on weather duties.