Newshub (including The Project NZ)


Tom McRae presented Newshub Live at 6pm Monday-Wednesday and Friday this week.

(3/1/2019) Melissa Davies is presenting.

Presenter list over the Christmas/New Year period:



(7-9/1/2019) Tom McRae is presenting Newshub Live at 6pm again Monday to Wednesday this week. Ollie Ritchie is presenting sport and Alex O’Hara on weather duties.

(10-11/1/2019) Melissa Davies is presenting news.

(12-13/1/2019) Tom McRae and Susie Nordqvist are presenting Newshub Live at 6pm this weekend with Ross Karl on sport and Mike Puru on weather.


Tom McRae and Susie Nordqvist hosting Newshub Live at 6 on 13/01/19.

Newhub Late and Newshub Live at 4PM start 14/01/19.


The AM Show and The Project return next Monday (21/01).


Mike McRoberts has returned from his break to present Newshub Live at 6pm with Melissa Davies this week. Andrew Gourdie has also returned to present sport.


The Project Promo

The AM Show Promo


(17-18/1/2019) Karen Rutherford presenting Newshub Live at 4pm Thursday and Friday this week.

(19-20/1/2019) Simon Shepherd and Susie Nordqvist are presenting Newshub Live at 6pm this weekend.


Not sure if it’s a mistake but the clock from The AM Show appeared suddenly on Newshub Live at 6pm this evening.


Yep, It popped up after the last ad-break with the weather ticker. Stayed on screen for a couple of minutes, then as above. After another minute it disappeared along with the NewsHub watermark until the end of the bulletin.


The AM Show returned this year with a new opener, theme, background graphics and news V/O. Credit to @NaruTVMock.


The news v/o is completely unnecessary. Surely Duncan could throw to Amanda with something like “let’s check the latest headlines from Newshub with Amanda”, or similar?


I think it’s more to do with it being in line with the rest of the Magic Talk (and former RadioLIVE) news segments that begin with the same voiceover. Previously, the Newshub theme sting played in the news, sans V/O - that dated back to the Paul Henry days.

I agree with you on a plain throw from Duncan though, just like how Mark gets one.


The sting made sense, I think the voiceover just feels a little intrusive into the natural flow of the show.


I noticed on Newshubs radio promos they end it now with ‘Your live news on three, new zealand’ sounds weird


Heard that too. Does a bit odd considering nobody watches Newshub except well… New Zealand :joy:


Just curious, does the show start at 5:58am on both Three & Magic Talk or does it begin on Three with MT joining at 6am with the TOTH news bulletin?

Trying to figure out why the show starts a bit early


I wondered that too when I saw the clock, I put it down to so that the news starts bang on 6am rather than after they’ve finished the intro.


They both start at 5:58am it allows 2 mins of setup before the start of the news bang on 6am.

I figured it’s cause if someone uses the am show as an alarm most alarms are set to the top of the hour so means they can listen to the news.


RNZ’s Morning Report does the same. It’s so they can open and promote what’s coming up in the show before jumping into the news.


(24/1/2019) Michael Morrah is presenting Newshub Live at 4pm today.

(25/1/2019) Lucy Warhurst is presenting Newshub Live at 4pm.