Newshub (including The Project NZ)


It is a series of square LED panels arced to give the curve, can’t remember how many sorry


New Exclusive bug too


Carly Flynn filling in for Amanda Gillies on The AM Show this week.


I’ve always loved seeing Carly on TV. Her first time presenting morning TV since Sunrise was axed?


I know she has been presenting ads recently


Carly is great. Since ex-Sunrise hosts seem to fit in so well on the AM show, wonder what Rod Cheeseman is up to these days? They should get him to fill in for Mark sometime… he was gold


Last I heard he was on TVNZ’s Game On but hasn’t been around online form what I can see since 2010


He presented Good Morning for 2012 and maybe a bit of 2013


No Newshub Late on Wednesday due to the late running movie.


Has anyone noticed the tension between Mark and Carly On the AM show? Also a bit with Duncan.
Personally I think she really suits the AM show, she us talkative during the show and she has a great professional tone during news time. Probably the best fill in out of the 3 others that have been doing it.


I personally don’t watch The AM Show as I prefer the much friendlier happier tvnz Breakfast Without the huge mics & the very opinionated Mark Richardson & Duncan Garner.
I Feel the studio set for the AM Show is quite compact & why Should it be broadcast live still on Radio Live(Magic Talk from jan 19)
Yes the AM Show rates well on tv but not on radio , seriously the presenter’s on breakfast are all very much down to earth, relatable & quite family friendly
Whereas the AM Show would be better suited to Sky News Channel.


(11/12/2018) Ollie Ritchie presenting sport on Newshub Live at 6pm this evening.

Also, Alex O’Hara is presenting weather this week.

(13/12/2018) Susie Nordqvist and Simon Shepherd are presenting Newshub Live at 6pm.


Ollie’s seems to be a rising star at Newshub Sport and I’m not opposed to it :ok_hand:

Lately I’ve been thinking about the state of Newshub Nation. I haven’t watched since Lisa Owen left. I don’t really care for the Simon Shepherd-Emma Jolliff duo. Curious as to why Patrick Gower wasn’t approached for the role? Burnout from years of being the Political Editor perhaps. I hope I can be lured back into watching next year.


I think Patrick made a point about diversifying his reporting and moving away from politics, hence why he now covers various news stories.


This article from covers the story the best as to why you don’t see the likes of Gower and Campbell as much anymore


Newshub Nation returns on the 2nd of March 2019

Check out @NewshubNationNZ’s Tweet:


(22-23/12/2018) Tom McRae is presenting Newshub Live at 6pm solo this weekend. Mike Puru is presenting the weather.


Solo Presentation on 6 till the 14th of January


(24/12/2018) Tom McRae is presenting Newshub Live at 6pm. Nicky Styris is presenting sport and Ollie Ritchie on weather.

(25/12/2018) Mitch McCann is presenting with Ross Karl on sport.


This should probably be under ‘random mocks’ but I wonder if The AM Show will be given a refresh next year…?