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(3-4/11/2018) Sacha McNeil and Michael Morrah are presenting Newshub Live at 6pm this weekend.


2019 :wink: …?
I think a rename to ‘The AM’ would fit in so much more than The AM Show. The name would fit in with so many more sentences, for example, “Good Morning, Welcome to the AM”
But also, I think it is a bit more quirkier and has a relaxing vibe to it.
What’re your opinions? Also I quite like this logo for it :slight_smile:


Why not NewsHub AM?


Possibly? Either that or Newshub Mornings?


It looks like it is coming from the main set today.

Newshub Live at 6pm preview.


And for the future too. So many live interviews and not enough resources in the other studio so was time for a move.


For those interested Suzie posted on her twitter the old studio.
End of an era for Newshub Live at 4pm. We’ve been in this studio for the past 19 months, but it’s time to upgrade. Fresh look coming at 4pm. See you then! ⁦@NewshubNZ⁩


A good decision I say. It would be nice if Susie could stand at the video wall for the weather and walk from the set at the end like how Newshub Midday would finish before it got axed. However, I understand that resources are already stretched to their limits with this move.

Meanwhile, Mike McRoberts is in New York covering the U.S. mid-term elections and he also took part in the New York Marathon.


That’s a great way to get your NYC Marathon experience expensed!


Great use of The Project studio watching the Melbourne cup.

Check out @TheProject_NZ’s Tweet:


(10-11/11/2018) Sacha McNeil and Mitch McCann are presenting Newshub Live at 6pm this weekend.


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I’m astounded at this move to effectively merge with magic.
What’s going to happen to the frequency’s that radio live broadcasts on ??
Newstalk ZB will be basically the only true talk Network & with Simon Barnett & Phil Gifford joining ZB Afternoons , ZB will be a force in 2019.
Magic Talk a hybrid of talk & Music with the AM show , Drive with Ryan Bridge, 6 pm Newshub bulletin, Gardening/ Farming segments are seemingly in the mix with music from 50’s - 70’s Magic “Music That Makes You Feel Good”.
Firstly IMHO ditch the 50’s - 70’s
70’s , 80s ,90s Relaxing easy Favourites is atm the Radio Format That is changing the USA radio Market in late 2018/19.
I wish MediaWork’s well with the New “
Magic Talk “ But truly I hope the demographic will target 25- 54


(16/11/2018) Ingrid Hipkiss filling in for Amanda Gillies on The AM Show this morning.


Amanda’s on leave for the rest of year because she’s accumulated so much of it, as announced on yesterday’s show.


Nadine Higgins on AM news this week.


And Melissa Davies this week on AM Show.

Same fill-ins so far as last time Amanda was holidaying. Mark Jennings/Newsroom sounded quite sure then that either Nadine, Ingrid or Melissa would replace Amanda eventually & she would move to host Drive with Ryan Bridge. I wonder, with the big changes at Radio Live whether she still will?


I hope not. A lil bit off topic but I’m really not on board with the whole Magic Talk merger. It’s not worth losing Amanda, who I find more popular than Duncan if social media is anything to go by.

I’d be questioning the need for AM to continue as a multi-platform show if their radio ratings worsen. Perhaps it can take on 2019 with a GMA model with Duncan, Amanda and Mark all as anchors? Or pair Duncan and Amanda, with Mel on news and Mark on sport?


Yeah agreed, Magic Talk Drive probably not the best career move.

Nadine & Mel are nice but a bit too reserved for AM? Maybe Amanda and Ingrid could swap roles. AM would gain a better newsreader and Amanda would make a great weather presenter for Newshub @6. :laughing:


I’d certainly want to see Ingrid in another role. She looks like she could shine more in something that’s not weather (mind the pun :joy:).