Newshub (including The Project NZ)


Why not launch the first episode as the appearance on AM Show finishes.


Set to have a TV Feature on Newshub Nation first I believe


Makes sense I guess but AM Show obviously the bigger rater.


Emma Jolliff and Simon Shepherd to replace Lisa Owen as new co-hosts on Newshub Nation from next Saturday.

(29-30/9/2018) Ollie Ritchie presenting weather on Newshub Live at 6pm this weekend.


(4-5/10/2018) Lucy Warhurst presented Newshub Live at 4pm this afternoon.

Sam Ackerman presenting sport on Newshub Live at 6pm tonight.


(6-7/10/2018) Susie Nordqvist and Michael Morrah presenting Newshub Live at 6pm this weekend. Mike Puru presented the weather on Saturday.


Is it just me or do Newshub have a big pool of people who just parent whatever they’re asked or whoever’s floating around the newsroom at the time? Seems like a really big lot of random. people doing this that and whatever wherever haha


Perhaps more willing than TVNZ to let young reporters present but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious order to it.


I personally love that Newshub is using a variety of talent. It showcases that it is striving to be a multi-platform service where its journalists have an array of skills.


And depth of talent.


Gemma Flynn, New Zealand Olympic athlete and wife of former All Blacks captain Richie McCaw, filling in for Mark Richardson on The AM Show today (Tues 9 Oct, 2018).


Ooh yes. How did she go?


At the same time as they promote their own talent to read news, they do this :thinking:


She seems a very nice lady but hasn’t quite nailed the autocue…


Has anyone seen Gemma Coombe on the telly lately?


She left Newshub in May to travel.


That’s a pity. She was such a versatile talent.


(13-14/10/2018) Sacha McNeil filling in for Melissa Davies on Newshub Live at 6pm this weekend with Tom McRae. Melissa presented 6pm during the week.

Tom is presenting sport.


I find it strange that either Nikki didn’t continue to present sport from Mt Smart (where she was reporting), or that there wasn’t a fill-in for her :thinking:


The project hosting team tonight - Paddy Gower, Nadine Higgins and Rove McManus.