Newshub (including The Project NZ)


Not a huge surprise, really. Lisa’s the only one really capable of taking over from JC on Checkpoint.

A great journo indeed, loved her on The Nation but thought her performance on Radio Live Drive was lacklustre and very underwhelming.


After listening to Amanda Gillies guest-hosting Drive yesterday, it wouldn’t surprise me if she replaces Lisa Owen on Radio Live. Then they could refresh The AM Show line up - I’d look at Ingrid Hipkiss or maybe Leah Panapa


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Duncan, Amanda and Mark work really well together. Knowing Newshub however, I would not be surprised at all if she was moved to Drive. I’d consider perhaps signing Nadine Higgins to replace Owen.


They do, but Ingrid is a far better newsreader.

If not Amanda, I think Wendyl Nissen with Ryan Bridge could work. Their political views are pretty different which could be interesting, but then they would need a new 12-3pm host … :confused:


Amanda would be good in Drive. Still find Mark Sainsbury unlistenable in the mornings slot though.

I’d move Sacha McNeil to read on The AM Show. One of the country’s best newsreaders imo. Terribly wasted (although maybe her own choice) only doing a couple of nights per week.


Samantha Hayes is in Canberra covering the Australian leadership ballot.

(24/8/2018) Isobel Ewing anchored Newshub Live at 4pm this afternoon. Melissa Davies presenting Newshub Live at 6pm with Mike tonight.


(25/8/2018) Sacha McNeil presenting Newshub Live at 6pm on Saturday with Tom McRae.

Ollie Ritchie presenting weather this weekend.

Samantha Hayes still reporting in Canberra.


Called it. :laughing:

Today’s Newsroom media column:

Owen’s move highlights the problem facing Live .

Her combination with Ryan Bridge in Drive was starting to gel and give Live a chance to take audience share from Newstalk ZB and/or RNZ . The most “like-for-like” replacement for Owen is the news anchor on the AM Show , Amanda Gillies.

It is unlikely, however, that Gillies would want to do both shows and this would leave MediaWorks with a problem in the early mornings.

AM host Duncan Garner will have a major say in who would replace Gillies as the chemistry between hosts on a morning show either makes or breaks them.

Three names will be in the frame. Weekend Newshub anchor Melissa Davies, Newshub weather presenter Ingrid Hipkiss and former TVNZ presenter Nadine Chalmers-Ross.

The past week with Ingrid filling in was so seamless I can’t think why they haven’t signed her already.


(1-2/9/2018) Hamish Clark presenting Newshub Live at 6pm this weekend with Melissa Davies. Emma Brannam is filling in on weather.


Is also filling in or was filling in as Executive producer for The Project this week while John Bridges was on holiday.


Nadine Higgins in for Amanda Gillies on the AM Show.


Trialing out presenters to replace Amanda?


I’d say so. Who do you think is best?


I’d say Ingrid. She’s a great newsreader as well as a weather presenter. I could definitely see Nadine solo on the weekend news though.


I agree. Hope you’re right.


Melissa Davies in for Amanda Gillies on The AM Show this morning.

Nadine is a fine newsreader but had absolutely zero chemistry with Garner or Richardson. Must surely be between Ingrid or Melissa now.


(21/9/2018) Lucy Warhurst presenting Newshub Live at 4pm this afternoon.


Serena Williams’ interview with Lisa Wilkinson aired on The Project tonight. Wallace Chapman and Nadine Higgins in for Jesse and Kanoa tonight too.


Newshub’s first podcast, Grove Road, launches 10:30am tomorrow.

A true crime investigative podcast by Newshub Nation journalist, Mike Wesley-Smith.


Lisa Owen’s last Newshub Nation show airs tomorrow morning before she moves to RNZ next month.

Her final RadioLIVE Drive show with Ryan Bridge finished tonight.