Newshub (including The Project NZ)


No revamp per for the AM Show studio, but the TV control room is undergoing a revamp.

Plus expect a new backdrop tonight at 6


The new backdrop on Newshub Live at 6pm:


Messes with my ocd lol


it’s a more realistic representation of the Newshub newsroom, I like it.


Very nice. Keep it classy NewsHub.


This one seems ok for 4 & 6pm bulletins but the late bulletin should keep the older backdrop it worked better.


The old backdrop remains for Newshub Late.


Still prefer 1…


Still prefer 3…


Newshub bad

Bring back 3 News…

or should i say +HR=E N=wz


My opinion. 3 News was dated and long overdue a revamp.

Why change the backdrop for 6pm and not the other bulletins?

Keeping the show’s sponsor happy by the sound of it:

“The AM Show’s road trip has been created in conjunction with Chorus to showcase the communities, businesses and people who have embraced the opportunities opened up by fibre broadband”


No fair, you know I have to heart that one!


The Spinoff TV is on the Newshub set.


(30/6-1/7/2018) Melissa Davies and Simon Shepherd presenting Newshub Live at 6pm this weekend.


Seriously loving the AM Show on Tour! The team seem more bubbly then normal, and i’m impressed with their setup! I thought they would just have an outside table and some chairs, but they have a set. Great Stuff.


Agreed. What a massive set-up for only a couple of days at each location.
Here’s some more caps:


Looks great, really well done OB.


It’s a shame they forgot to send down the heaters… brrrr.


Looks great. Saw this on twitter - one of The AM Show’s OB trucks. There are multiple trucks on tour.


2 trucks and 2 sets allows time to set one studio up for use while the other is taken apart.

Also there are now 3 AM show desks. 1 in Auckland and 2 on the road. The crosses comming from Auckland for the duration of the show are likely to come out of the RadioLIVE studios as most of the AM show set is apart while on tour and would be a mission to use while all the crew are away.