Newshub (including The Project NZ)


It seems The Project NZ facebook page is geoblocked for Australia.


The Australian page is also geoblocked for New Zealand.


3 News with Rebecca Singh

From 27/06/2002


Was that the last incarnation of the set before the logo change?


That wooden desk :100::100:


The watermark strap seen on Newshub Live at 6pm tonight:


It’s embarrasing that Australian networks are still watermarking footage like this.

If American networks (which are in much greater competition against each other than Aussie networks) can credit each other’s footage with a simple bug in the corner, then how hard could it be to do here?


Last I checked, Newshub broadcasts to New Zealand so it seems the idea has made it over the Tasman!


Yeah, I didn’t really finish my complete thought there. Meant to say this terrible Aussie trend has spread to NZ. Hopefully no where else in the world picks up on it.


This is what MediaWorks’ CEO told the Herald re The Project NZ after their financial figures were released last week:

The launch of The Project last February - a hybrid comedy and current affairs offering licensed from Australia - was a key part of this focus, he said, helping to channel viewers of the preceding six o’clock news bulletin into entertainment programming later in the evening.
“Strategically we’re happy with the way it fits. Are we happy with the ratings performance as of now? No. But we see that as an opportunity.”
Anderson noted the Australian iteration of The Project took four years to bed-in and expressed confidence results of his own spinoff would improve.
“This was never going to be a fast turnaround.”

Hmmm… thoughts?


Sounds if they might give up after a while.


Im a nightly viewer of the project and it is the one 7PM show on Three that has pulled me away from TVNZ2 after many many years of Shortland Street.

But lets be honest, it was never going to be a ratings Juggernaut largely because its on Three. It will join the many shows that have tried but failed to beat TVNZ. Much like its Australian counterpart it will forever be the third most popular option on commercial TV in its time slot.


Yeah the only news shows I can think of that Mediaworks could come close to calling a success story of recent times are the 2 breakfast shows - Paul Henry and now AM.

The AM Show has increased its audience by 23.3 percent and its share by 25.5 percent versus the same time last year. Source

I watch The Project now and then. It’s fine, but IMO they need a host with pulling power or it’s very easily forgotten.


(8/6/2018) Ross Karl presenting sport on Newshub Live at 6pm tonight from Eden Park.


I wonder if he’s feeling the cold?

…bring back the beard Ross!


(9-10/6/2018) Sacha McNeil and Simon Shepherd presenting Newshub Live at 6pm this weekend. Nicky Styris presenting sport on Saturday night from Eden Park.

Also, Tom McRae is reporting from Singapore ahead of the summit.


The AM Show are doing their first OBs…


Studio revamp while they’re away? Seems like an odd one and no rhyme or reason as to which locations they’re headed to.


The set is only around two years old, unless some of the elements date back to Paul Henry.


A lot of it dates back to Paul Henry days and was just redressed when the AM show launched