Newshub (including The Project NZ)




Tova is great, rarely misses a beat.




Happy first birthday to us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming us into your homes every night! Here’s to many more birthdays and a wild 21st one day! :balloon:


How is the NZ Project going in the ratings?


On average it attracts about a quarter of Seven Sharp’s viewership.


Do you know roughly how this compares within whatever aired in that timeslot before they launched The Project NZ?


Ratings aren’t published often in NZ but I believe The Project is slightly higher. Both are still well down on Campbell Live which was about half of Seven Sharp.



Newshub Nation



Video of Newshub Nation’s Debut


Newshub Special with Suzie Nordquerst and Lisa Owen on three at the moment started 12:47pm ended around what I can tell 1:30pm


Haven’t seen this before but there is a new live transition seen on Newshub Live at 4pm this afternoon:




Quite an impressive rebrand I thought.

Going by the Newshub Nation logo, Newshub Today could look something like this :laughing: today


After recently sitting in from the control room as The AM Show was on air and taking a look at it’s Studios, It would be such a good idea for the AM Show to move to the Newshub set. and because of the recent Newshub Nation Rebrand and upcoming Newshub Radio, it makes perfect sense. unfortunately, I don’t ever see it happening though :frowning:


I think the AM Show just needs to be completely rebranded…


With the rising success of TVNZ’s social media driven news service RE: , I Feel Newshub Should follow suit and produce experimental content skewed towards youth, tackling the BIG ISSUES facing Young NZ’ers. HUGE POTENTIAL AND I BELIEVE NEWSHUB CAN DO IT BETTER! you could argue that Newshub Originals is similar to Re’s content, but there is still potential to further explore this type of journalism. just my opinion :slight_smile:


Good idea, But Re: is automatically better because it’s produced by TVNZ. TVNZ Is far superior to Newshub/Mediaworks. I’m sorry, it’s just fact



After what Ali Mau hinted to Stuff “RadioLive was about to undergo significant change, which she was not convinced would best suit her skills”, I was pleasantly surprised they went with 2 decent journos.


Here’s two promo’s I made for Newshub Youth for a Student Project I’m currently working on. the “Fun” Promo is content similar to what RE: Produces and the “Serious” Promo is to reflect a more hard-hitting journalistic approach that is still skewed towards a youth orientated audience. So much potential for Mediaworks/Newshub to explore.