Newshub (including The Project NZ)

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Adjusted so its a link click through now

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Some caps from the intro at Paddy Gower has Issues.


are they trying to recreate the project on the same network?

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It’s like 7 Days, Jono and Ben and The Project combined into one show


Lisette definitely deserves it!


Paddy Gower Has Issues.
Going from a story about an 11 yo who was killed from a forestry log to a story about discount pharmacies hurting independent ones with Karen O’Leary humour. Ad break. Eli Matthewson and Courtney Dawson with funny news …and then “back to investigation over pine tree that killed Oliver”


The show will be short lived. Anyone know how long the season is?

Not sure. Apparently W1 did quite well ratings wise though.

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20 episodes.

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