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Mitch is going to CNN?


(6-7/8/2022) Michael O’Keeffe and Ingrid Hipkiss are anchoring this weekend with Mike Puru presenting weather on Saturday.


When are WBD going to reach over to 1news and grab Chris Chang and Daniel Faitaua…nows the time to stretch and make offers lol

Michael did well, and must be taking over the 11.30am news in place of Mitch, unless they moving Janika there as it appears shes slowly moved away from Prime News of late but still there at times


Newshub have a 15 year old presenting tonight I see :rofl:

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My understanding was Michael quit Newshub sport to be a SAH dad - weekend hours might work for him potentially.


Perhaps an internal transfer? Three and CNN are now both owned by the same company, after all. Well done to him, anyway.


Whilst I was digging through the Wild West of YouTube (looking for John Hawkesby clips - largely in vain!), I found this brief clip from the end of 2004, which I think is the only one on the Internet to feature the orange look of 3 News:

(Apologies for the poor quality!)


Did that orange look only last for 2004?

There is the blank 3 News titles on YouTube, but the video is unlisted

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Do you have the link to that then?

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Being unlisted it’s hard to provide a link, but yes i do have it.

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It’s further up this thread, courtesy of @theGradyConnell:


(13-14/8/2022) Oriini Kaipara and Simon Shepherd are presenting this weekend. Nice to see Simon back on the weekend bulletins again.


You can provider unlisted links, that’s how they work, they don’t come up in searches but if you have the link you can see it.

When i tried to embed, i kept getting a video unavailable error

just post the link