Newcastle - Survey 1, 2016

The first Newcastle radio ratings of the year are now out:

KOFM has taken back the #1 spot from ABC1233 with a 16.1% share, up 3% from the previous survey. NX was #2 with a 12% share, up 1.1% from the previous survey. ABC1233 went down to 3rd place with 11.7% (down 4%), followed by JJJ at 11.4% (up 1.3%), 2HD at 11.2% (up 2%) & New FM at 8.7% (down 0.7%).

John Laws still #1, and up 2.4 to a 17.6% share.


For one thing, Ray Hadley does not broadcast on any of the Newcastle/Hunter radio stations, with the closest station airing the program being 2GB from Sydney.

As far as the “Other Stations” are concerned, which includes 2NUR, 2NM & the Central Coast commercial stations, it comes to a 23% share.

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Not a lot of surprises there, Newcastle radio really is just plain boring generally. Big ratings for Austereo, but not necessarily good radio.

Not sure what’s going on, & don’t know whether it should be ringing alarm bells regarding survey accuracy or not, but look at the 18-24 demo, KO took a 10.6 loss & ABC 1233 had a 7.2 gain. That puts KO as 6th station in that demo, wtf?

better than the shit the swamp puts out.

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Lol, thought that’d get a rise out of you.


If only I could tell you some of the shit that’s been coming out of the mouths of some of the people at the Swamp in recent weeks… this puts the clowns back in their place.

Baz making his mark

The demos are a bit surprising…

KO beats NX in the 10-17s, but in the 18-24s, NX smashes KO 32% to 4%.
KO only beats NX again from the 40-54s and up.
That doesn’t make sense to me…

Congratulations to Graeme Gilbert who continually wins his time slot and from what I can ascertain is the best performing Super Network presenter. Kudos to Graeme as he has been plugging away for years building his audience. He also has the ability to know when to “localise” his network program in times of emergency eg flood, fire. Well done cobber.

The team at SCA deserve a better battle in Newcastle!

[quote=“TV-Expert, post:3, topic:1248, full:true”]
For one thing, Ray Hadley does not broadcast on any of the Newcastle/Hunter radio stations, with the closest station airing the program being 2GB from Sydney.[/quote]
So only way you can get his show is to stream it like I do

I bet 2NUR FM wish they could participate in the ratings cause I reckon they’d give it a fair shake. Not only the only independant station in Newcastle but they have that point of difference of being easy listening

Don’t forget Rhema, but yes, I doubt they would perform as well as 2NUR would.



new fm dead last will they ever do anything to fix it a relaunch is the only way to go

Still remember hearing that on one of my many late Friday drives listening to 2GF going home for the weekend after TAFE and nearly running off the road I was laughing that hard.

oh but Tim read their press release!!

They’re #1 women 25-54 on certain days (not overall) and #1 for those who earn $130K or more!

They must be doing so well… the press release even lauds their “consistency”.

I agree their music should be overhauled to either go rock (heritage) or if they’re slowly onto a winner with females 25-54, as it appears, then tweak it more and look at what Star 104.5 is doing and go a little further down that road. Breakfast needs to go. Sarrrrrrge I love you, but it’s not working.

there was a whole bunch of us who use to drive poor Graeme mental. Most of us, if not all, were still in radio or just out of radio and I can’t remember who started it but it spread like wildfire.

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Well NEW FM have it spot on 100% there.

“NEW FM maintains consistency”

Yes, consistently LAST!
(as far as commercial radio goes).


Mark, you & I both know what the problem is at the swamp (on top of Caralis). When they were captain of the ship they sank it, & then got promoted, nothing’s going to change.

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