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I’ve been listening to Gold all day. I’m liking it. Definitely see it’s a semi replacement of the old Coast playlist. Assuming Coast will now skew more modern.

Dan is also the corporate voice on ZM.

i have been sampling gold on and off
seems to be doing well

picking trying to mirror the sound

Anyone heard who the Gold night host is tonight?


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Oh sorry, didn’t see that.

Wonder what’s happened to Mel Homer then… The Hits with Jono & Ben perhaps?

gold needs a decent website like the other stations

The Breeze has moved into the new MediaWorks Hargreaves building this week.

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“This audience is certainly under-served when they are a key demographic,” Mills said.

I always laugh when a radio operator claim a demographic is under served. Haven’t NZME deliberately altered the Coast playlist over the last few years to ditch its older audience. Remember when Hauraki dropped its classic rock format to find a larger younger audience that still haven’t shown up in significant numbers.


I’ve been listening to Gold for the last 2 days and enjoying it so far. Great combo of the old Coast, Mix and The Sound.

i have been sampling both the sound and gold sometimes i cant tell the difference i had the sound on for an hour changed to gold and the same songs were almost playing

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Been having a listen to Gold on and off on both FM and AM… Yeah they don’t have a bad mix, think I prefer The Sound a little bit more tho, more songs on The Sound that appeal to me… One thing I have to say, the Tauranga AM frequency needs some tech work, it is about 5db down then other AM stations in the area and the Multiband AGC is far to aggressive and the audio response is only about 4khz from what I can hear, likely cause it is still set up for Sport Talk. But then again I am picky when it comes to Audio :wink::stuck_out_tongue:

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As any good technician should be. :+1: Gordo. :grinning:

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nothing like a bit of competition the listeners will be the winner at the end

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i thought they may have used tracy donaldson

Peter Daikin hosting weekend afternoons on Gold in addition to his other gig hosting weekend mornings on The Hits.

Heard a bit of The Breeze (Canterbury) this afternoon and it was Robert Scott on instead of the usual local announcer. Another cut possibly? Does Robert Scott voice track on weekends usually as well?

i thought is sounded like Peter dakin i guess they just pool all their staff to cover all the stations
gold is sounding not too bad at present


Lauren Mabbett on weekend mornings. In addition to afternoon newsreading duties on ZM, The Hits & Hauraki on weekdays and often announcing weekend afternoons on The Hits.

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