Network Ten Pty Ltd


TXA own & operate all the TEN transmitters, so yes it has everything to do with TEN being transmitted.

It depends where you’re getting you’re reception from, currently all services at Como, Melbourne CBD & Mt Dandenong are OK. There may have been some recent issues from Como, but not sure I look after Sydney?
Are you sure your reception is 100%?

Fill out this form & someone should get in contact with you about it. All transmitters are monitored 24/7, so if there’s a transmitter issue, Melbourne TXA staff would know about it.

There’s usually many complaints/inquiries if there’s a TX issue. 1 or 2 complaints is usually a local installation problem. Not saying you’re wrong, but I’ve heard that exact “My reception is 100% it’s the transmitter that’s the problem” so many times & it’s almost never correct, 99% of issues are receive problems not transmit problems.


Thanks I’ll definitely log it. I know others in the area that are having the same issue with only Ch 10. I would imagine Como is my local as I’m in Richmond.
Ch 10 randomly comes back but like right now if I rescan it will just drop off completely as it’s not receiving a signal for 10 or their other channels. Every other network is fine and there’s no issue with reception quality or anything along those lines.


Apparently Como is having issues due to the construction of a huge apartment tower directly opposite it. 10 was back on last night for a few hours but this morning is off again.

Strange that it doesn’t affect other channels. Is the assumption then that Como is only broadcasting 10 or does it broadcast all networks?


Same tower will have all the networks, the South Yarra transmitter also has Channel 31 on it.

I’d check your TV in case it tried to scan in and store the 10 transmission from Mt Dandenong. I’ve had issues in some locations where a weak signal could get suddenly stronger and then the TV would decide to store that, and then once reception levels got back to normal it was stuck on the old frequency.


I don’t consider myself a prude, but when did swearing become necessary or acceptable in advertising?


It hasn’t. 10 off the mark again.

Also, that word describes that line up.


Hardly a big deal. They could have used many more objectionable swear words than this one.


WTF is a favourite all over the media.


Would’ve been funnier if they used the word c##t. :rofl:


Not to mention that many Australians are fairly relaxed when it comes to swearing as it is…


This is a fucking outrage


You’re complaining about a swear word on the internet which is censored.


I’m going to take this all the way to the Prime Minister!


“Hey! Mister Prime Ministah! Scomo!”


For advertising like this it’s not necessary, especially from the little kid factor. Just because you and I may swear regularly, there are still many in society who don’t like to see or hear it and in official advertising and from someone like Ten I would have expected a bit more thought into a word they could use and there’s plenty of options. This is just laziness and trying to appear edgy.

And yes, for the little kid factor, parents don’t want to have to explain what certain words are or when they see it big in advertising and then you say to them it’s not a word you should use then it gets confusing for them. If my 4 year old saw something like this on a bus or wherever he would be reading it and asking why that word has a star and what the word is. Far too many questions I don’t want to answer!


Social media is a different form of advertising. It’s more conversational. Also, when you subscribe to a page, it’s opt-in.

Having said all of that, Facebook finally became usable again when I deleted all of the pages I follow.


Same. Did it about a year ago. Deleted all the music, television and movies from my profile and it’s so much better.


A 4yo wouldn’t/shouldn’t be on social media (FB has an age restriction of 13 & over). It would be different if it was on air… even then, after 7:30 it would be allowed. I remember “Bitchin’ Tuesdays” back in the 00’s.


Like “letdown” - it’s even in the image they posted for god’s sake!


Guess I’d better delete his account then! Nah, but he does read what’s on there sometimes when he comes over and asks a question so it’s plausible that kids that age will read it even though I was talking more about other advertising and more public advertising.

To me though, it’s like the comedians who think that by adding swearing to their jokes it makes them funnier. If the only way you can tell a joke is by adding a heap more swearing then you’ve probably got other issues with your comedy career. That was one of the problems with Tonightly.