Network Ten Pty Ltd


Back to ONE we go? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


10 PowerfulIndividual


Isn’t it a bit too late? 10 used the name before the merger. Wouldn’t Fairfax needed to have extended the boundaries of the trademark?


From a few posts back:




Ten Boss is now 10 Bold


Already here



Logo still doesn’t suit, but love the clapback tagline “it’s better to be bold than bossy”.

Surprised that press release is so openly vocal though.


I was too. Quite bold really to say it as it was!


So salty :rofl: not really a fan of the new name.


did they lose the court case baout the logo that was brought against them by the australian (?) i think


Australian Financial Review now owned by Nine. I guess they realised that Nine had a good case and they were likely to lose, so have given up to avoid expensive court costs.


Except Nine/Fairfax intend on proceeding to court apparently.
I hope they loose.


If they see that Ten has made the change, they might drop the case. May be they want a court ruling to prevent anyone else trying it on.

Even if Nine lose the case, Ten won’t be going back to the 10 BOSS name.


Despite Ten’s change, Nine could be still looking to recoup its legal costs


Not concerned about the boss brand to be honest I just think it’s an overly petty case.


10Go! and 10GEM would have been perfe… oh.

Never mind.


Network 10 pushes further ahead with its data strategy

Network 10 has announced a partnership with data technology agency Venntifact as it prepares to launch its data-driven advertising solutions in the first quarter of 2019.

Venntifact is a leading data agency that enables businesses to develop effective data propositions. This includes the creation of data strategies, and the design of effective operating models to help businesses build the teams and processes to deliver powerful, data-driven experiences at scale.

The Venntifact partnership adds a depth of technical experience to Network 10 as it continues to build its data capabilities as part of bringing its sales team back in-house.

Network 10’s general manager of data, insights and analytics Gareth Tomlin said: “Network 10 is rich in audience data - from our broadcast viewers to our digital visitors, our video users to our marketing and social audiences. There is huge potential for us to build valuable insights and strategies that create effective experiences for advertisers and audiences. We’ve made a great start with building our data team and our partnership with Venntifact puts us in a fantastic position to accelerate our data proposition and capability and be ready to go from the first quarter of 2019.”

Venntifact’s director of technology Joey Nguyen said: “As the media landscape consolidates, it is critical to utilise data intelligently and deliver effective advertising to audiences in ways that do not impact the viewer experience. Network 10 has an incredibly engaged audience, rich sets of data, and will now have market-leading technology and data infrastructure. We’re excited to work with them to deliver targeted solutions for advertisers and personalised experiences for viewers.”

Network 10’s chief sales officer Rod Prosser said: “We have big ambitions to be industry leaders in data-driven advertising solutions. We have the audience scale and now, with the support of Venntifact, we can build the capabilities to bring the precision. We’re serious about data and we will continue to partner with experts in the field to help us reach new heights.”

Network 10’s new advertising sales function will leverage CBS systems and technology. The partnership with Venntifact follows the announcement of 10’s partnership with Tealium, a leader in real-time customer data solutions.

Venntifact counts brands such as Xero and Virgin Australia among its current clients. Venntifact is a Tealium Certified Partner in Australia, helping brands take control of their data, and deliver personalised experiences at scale.