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Also are they paying you for every exclamation mark you use??? !!!


They’re both media organisations and they both have products branded as Boss. It’s not that hard to work out why Fairfax is kicking up a stink.

It’s no different to opening a vegan restaurant and naming it McDonald’s. You’d be taken to court, regardless of how different the businesses actually would be. They’re still in the same league.


No I don’t work for 10…I’m just pissed off with the whole pettiness! :wink:


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Seriously i havnt even heard of a fairfax edition of “BOSS” They obviously promote it well :joy::joy:


Maybe you should get out more too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How about we all go out! Media Spy excursion to the court case. It could be fun! Packed lunches and all that.


Then have submitted their registration, but it is currently in the period where companies can object to it being granted because, among other reasons, it is too close to an existing trademark of their own.


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It’s the same thing as domain sniping… whoever gets in first, wins. Doesn’t matter if they use it, don’t use it, hide it away, promote it for the world. If they got the trademark in the media category first, this is an open and shut case.


So, you would imply from that, Ten will need to change the name.


You know what cbs and ten should have done proper research to ensure that this didn’t happen when they were developing the names for the old one. They kinda bought it themselves if what Fairfax says is true and they trademarks then yeah Fairfax should win easily.

You gotta wonder what idiots at Ten/CBS management are making the stupid mistakes

Everyone said cbs was ten saviour yeah right seems like it’s just caused more shit for ten.


People weren’t entirely wrong there though. Without CBS, Ten probably would’ve become WIN Metro, some form or News Corp-owned entity or maybe even gone off the air entirely.


Not really relevant to the point of my post, but still…I say rotten tomatos either way.


Press release here:

10 All Access
10 Play

The Australian is reporting that to support Fairfax in their Federal Court challenge against the use of the ‘10 Boss’, Hamish Turner (Nine’s program director) has sworn an affidavit which claims that:


What a crock of s#@t!


Looks like 10 might have to go with the ‘second preference’ name for Boss.