Network Ten Pty Ltd


Yeah, I definitely will not be calling them WIN Boss and WIN Peach, just Boss and Peach.


Bruce must be happy with a channel named WIN Boss .


They are great names! Very clever!


Likewise with (9)Go! and Gem, although I’m not sure if that effect works for ‘Life’


And how long have you been working in Ten’s Publicity Department?


I don’t mind the names but they’re not exactly ‘clever’.


Very long time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You could call these stations anything you want. People are going to watch what they want to watch, no matter what the Channel is called. 10Peach, 10Prunes or 10InaLoo who really cares outside of the marketing companies making a fast buck out of change for change sake.


Branding can affect the way people relate to a channel and whether they will choose to watch. You would think that a rebrand would boost the fortunes of a TV channel. So far there has been no evidence of any sort of a boost for either 10 Boss or 10 Peach.

In fact, it actually looks like ratings and shares for Peach have actually dropped in the past two weeks. Whether it’s due to the rebrand or other factors remains to be seen.


They should have launched the channel with new content, not the same tired old repeats of Raymond, Frasier and Sex and the City filling out most of the schedule.


Given any relevant thread is locked … with Ten all access allegedly launching in December there has been no promotion or actual information regarding pricing etc. wtf are ten doing with all of this?


The usual, aka not promoting anything essential.


The Australian is reporting Fairfax intends to seek an injunction to prevent Ten from using the Boss name and logo. They speculate this could turn into a “high-stakes legal fight” as Nine-Fairfax may be looking to use the name across TV and radio in the expanded media empire.


What the fuck? Did Fairfax register Fairfox boss to that equivalent before Ten did?

Petty pricks if you ask me.


This whole legal dispute is fucking ridiculous. What the hell?!


I don’t think it’s “ridiculous”. Companies have to protect their brands.

Ten should have realised that it would be a problem if another media organisation was using the name.


Fairfax don’t have a channel called Boss for fuck sake! There is no right to a name! Very petty of Fairfax!


What are you banging on about? Yes there is! It’s called copyright.

Whether a TV channel and a newspaper magazine infringe on each other is what is in question here. A court can decide this.


Inclined to agree with Bob. I think Fairfax are fishing here. I cannot find any link between 10 BOSS and Fairfax’s publication. Maybe Fairfax are jealous because 10 have turned the word Boss into a more widely-known brand than Fairfax ever could.


You can’t copyright a word that’s in the dictionary! Think of all the company names that use the word boss!