Network Ten Pty Ltd


Possibly for the local advertisers and buyers.




Yup, they do it every year. Pretty sure Melb, Adel and Perth have already had theirs.


Yes - Melbourne was Monday as reported in Herald Sun with Playing for Keeps renewal announced.


Perths’ was last night.


Ughhh the 10 Boss logo looks so out of place with the rest of the logos!


not permanent from what I hear.


Hopefully the 10 Peach logo is not permanent either. Still seeing plenty of negative comments about it. This today.

Given TEN is marketing their channel as Peach thus alienating practically all male viewers, the ratings will only plummet further so I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I just wish it would rate higher. It’s so sad.


I didn’t realise that the word Peach alienated all male viewers. I’m no fan of the name either but comments like this are hyperbolic trash.


Im male and i flicked on Peach to see what was on! Nothing wrong with the word! Grow up world!


I’m hearing Broods - Peach heaps on radio lately. Coincidence? Starting to think it was a pretty good choice. How it will fare over time is another question.


Fairfax and Ten were in court today over the Boss trademark. It appears that Fairfax wants Ten to stop using Boss. Edit: The next court date is 3 December 2018.

It’s mentioned on this subscription website, but the story is behind their paywall.


What about Seven and Dance Boss?


Or 7Food?! Its so pathetic!


Good on 10 for fiercely defending the name. This is absolutely ridiculous.




The amount of people who knew Fairfax’s Boss publication was a thing could fit in a Corolla. Death throes from a dying company


+1 and I may be in the small minority but I actually kinda like the name :woman_shrugging:


They’re both growing on me, I think people will likely just start calling them Boss and Peach respectively rather than adding the 10 in front - just my opinion.