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If they kept Boss then we’d have Nine Boss and Nine Honey and Ten Boss and Ten Peach.



Updated link below


Rare to see a network’s rebranding being advertised this way.


Though I’m still seeing outdoor advertising and trams with the old logo on them.


That’s out of 10’s control. JCDeceaux (sells Yarra Trams advertising) wont take old ads down unless they have another client booked on to them, hence why you sometimes see months old movies being advertised on Trams and buses.


Obviously marketing is not my forte but I don’t really see how changing the network’s name and logo would drive ratings up. If they really want a ‘refresh’ or start on a clean slate, maybe get rid of ‘10’ reference completely. There are other digits that are still available - 3,4,5,6, 12 and above :slight_smile:


y’all are focusing so much on the logo and the graphics.

Surely you’ve seen the tone change on social media, the plsces they’re advertising, the style of the promos etc…?

it’s a wholistic change that has only just begun to unfold.


Why does it need to be a digit name? As we see in the regional areas with Nine on Five, Seven on Six and Ten on Eight, digit channels don’t make full sense nationally. That also rules out a couple of the digits you’ve put in with 3 (SBS), 4 (reserved for datacasting), 5 (mostly Regional Nine), 6 (mostly Regional Seven) and 8 (mostly Regional Ten) all out of choices available for LCN’s.


Well…I will wish Ten well then - hopefully those hypes, etc will translate into profits for the network


Oh I didn’t know that.


All good, sorry if that came across grumpy, dosed to the eyeballs on painkillers tonight!


I have. The new twitter team is great. The different forms of advertising,
They are engaging in new ways and I hope it continues in great trajectory !


It does seem antiquated to have Network names based on their old channel assignment, especially in the age when regionals carry network programming practically unchanged on different channels, but the cost of coming up with a new name, getting it into the market, etc. would likely be prohibitive in an age where TV margins are shrinking.

I guess it’s just easier to stick with an established name, even if you’re changing the logo and attitude.

Australia’s one of the few places to have networks named after channel assignments. Other countries have names, acronyms/initialisms, or numbers based on launch order.


Comes down to the fact that no business in their right mind would take the risk of abandoning a long time, trusted brand in favour of something new and unknown.

Different story for the multichannels since they haven’t been around all that long (albeit I reckon abandoning Eleven was a foolish idea, One not so much), but for the big 3 networks you’re talking decades.


Seriously 10 is a sleeping giant 2020 - 22 will be 5 year’s of cbs’s ownership.
As I’ve mentioned before it’s an evolution not a revolution as mentioned by an cbs executive.
I’ve noticed Stability, more Hirings of News staff, new logo, multi channel names with a more age specific focus hence the Boss, Peach, which certainly creates a greater awareness of the 10 Brand.
Refocusing on the 18 - 49 market for 10 is what 10 will do well.
The hiring’s of Lisa Wilkinson, Jenifer keyte are great gets long term.
The competitive schedule for 50 week’s of 2019 as opposed To saturated cricket on 7, 9 will have tennis
Not everyone loves sport.
Dancing with the stars I’m sure will do very well, as well as sunday night takeaway.
Game of Games I Feel needs some tweaking , but not dumped.
Blind Date I Feel could be rested but 10 need to be commended for launching a number of local shows in the new year.
Yes 10 could do better so can 7, 9, sbs etc
But in 12 months 10 have done so much a few I have listed there’s also the new sales in-house, ten daily social media website which is fantastic.
To me 10 Network is once again cool, cheeky, modern


Network 10 appoints Sydney Sales Director

Network 10 has announced that Diane Ho will be joining its new advertising sales team as Sydney Sales Director, responsible for 10’s sales and commercial activity in Sydney.

Ms Ho joins 10 from the Seven Network where she has worked over for 14 years in various sales positions, most recently as Head of Digital Sales, Sydney. She will start at 10 in February 2019 and report to 10’s soon-to-be-announced National Sales Director.

Network 10’s Chief Sales Officer Rod Prosser said: “We’re so excited to be welcoming Di to 10. Di is the epitome of the what we are creating at 10. Not only is she a skilled sales person with solid broadcast experience, she also has extensive digital experience, making her a perfect candidate to be 10’s new Sydney Sales Director. Above all, she is a dynamic leader who is highly connected to the Sydney market. I’m looking forward to her joining our already stellar line-up of market sales leaders.”

The Sydney Sales Director announcement follows the appointments of Damon Jackson as Melbourne Sales Director, Angela Neville as Brisbane Sales Director, Cameron Mudge as Adelaide Sales Director and Paul Townsend as Perth Sales Director. Grant Madigan was recently appointed Head of Commerce and Sales Operations while Nisar Malik was named Sport Sales Director.

Ms Ho said: “I am thrilled to be joining 10 at this exciting time for the business. The plans Rod has and the great local leadership team they are building, backed by an international broadcasting giant in CBS, is something I am privileged and thrilled to be part of. I look forward to drawing on my broadcast and digital experience to drive strong outcomes for brands, advertisers and media agencies as part of 10’s exciting new future.”

Ms Ho started her sales career at Seven in 2004. She was appointed Group Sales Manager in 2009 before being promoted to Sydney Sales Manager in 2015. She took on the role as Head of Screens in 2016 responsible for Seven’s digital platform sales and transitioned to Head of Digital Sales, Sydney in 2017.

More senior appointments to Network 10’s advertising sales team will be announced soon.


Great news.

As a result of Diane Ho’s appointment to Network Ten as their new Sydney Sales Director, I personally hope to see local marketing initiatives from her which will get Sydneysiders building a stronger connection towards Network Ten because this is an area they’ve been lagging behind Seven and especially Nine in for quite some time.


I get that they’ve changed their logo to a numerical 10, but they are seriously overusing it where Ten (almost seems taboo now to use this) would read and look a lot better in some instances.


numerics are so much easier to spot in a wall of text though, that’s what they probably want and it is their company name now.