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A former Seven digital sales ­director is in the middle of a legal tussle between Seven and TEN networks.

The Australian reports Lisa Squillace, who has been hired by TEN to become network sales director, is fighting the non-compete period that would stop her joining before June 25. Her three months’ ­notice from Seven ends on December 26.

Also, this thread should probabaly be renamed ‘Ten Network Pty Ltd’ as it’s not longer called Ten Network Holdings.


or why not CBS Network Ten BV? :wink:


Or even Ten Corporate to clearly distinguish from the TV network itself.


“Ten Network (Corporate)” should be sufficient.



Network Ten makes two senior sales appointments

Network Ten has appointed two senior sales leaders as it draws closer to completing its sales leadership structure.

  • Grant Madigan will lead the Ten Exchange team as Head of Commerce and Sales Operations. He will report to Network Ten’s Chief Sales Officer Rod Prosser.

  • Nisar Malik has been appointed Sport Sales Director and will report to Ten’s soon-to-be announced National Sales Director.

Mr Madigan and Mr Malik will join Ten in December.

Mr Prosser said: “It’s great to see the sales leadership team take shape. As we continue to build the team, it’s important that we appoint leaders with a cross-section of capabilities to take us forward. With Grant and Nisar, we are bringing in two proven leaders with extensive multi-platform media sales experience. It says a lot about a company when people come back and I’m thrilled to be welcoming Grant and Nisar back to Ten. They are passionate about our future and the role we play in shaping the commercial broadcasting landscape.”

Grant Madigan

As Head of Commerce and Sales Operations, Mr Madigan will lead Ten Exchange, a specialist sales team responsible for revenue analytics, traffic, technology and data insights. He has over 20 years experience in sales and re-joins Ten from MCN where he has spent the last three years in senior trading roles, most recently as Head of Trading. Prior to MCN, Mr Madigan was at Network Ten where he spent six years as a group sales manager before being appointed Sydney Trading Manager and then soon after, National Trading Manager. He has also worked at Nine Entertainment Co and WIN Television in sales roles. He started his sales career at Network Ten.

Mr Madigan said: “This is my third stint at Network Ten and I must admit, there is something that continually draws me back to the company. It’s fantastic to be part of this exciting era at Ten. The team is building a future focused sales capability and in leading Ten Exchange, I’m very excited to play a big role in that. I’m really looking forward to working with Rod and the fantastic sales leadership team he has put together to redefine Ten’s sales commercial proposition and deliver world-class solutions to advertisers.”

Nisar Malik

With over 20 years experience, Mr Malik re-joins Network Ten from the Australian Radio Network (ARN) where he was Agency Sales Director. Prior to ARN, he worked in a number senior sales roles across the media industry including at Nine Entertainment Co., Southern Cross Austereo and eight years at Network Ten.

Mr Malik said: “What an incredible time to be rejoining Ten as it is not only re-establishing a sales team but also re-defining its future-focused commercial proposition. To top it all off, Ten is welcoming back the Melbourne Cup Carnival to its screens and the partnership will be unlike anything the industry has ever seen. Throw in the MotoGP, Formula 1, A-League, Supercars and Rugby and it’s a completely different and compelling sport proposition for advertisers. I can’t wait to be part of it all.”

The appointments of Mr Malik and Mr Madigan follow the announcements of Damon Jackson as Melbourne Sales Director, Angela Neville as Brisbane Sales Director, Cameron Mudge as Adelaide Sales Director and Paul Townsend as Perth Sales Director.

Earlier this year, Network Ten also announced the appointments of Tamar Hovagimian as Head of Ten Effect, Ten’s commercial sponsorship team, and Michael Stanford as Head of Ten Imagine, Ten’s strategy and creative hub.

Network Ten will be announcing more senior sales appointments soon.


This is the pitch to advertisers

Lean in with 10

A new sales team, a refreshed audience proposition and an accelerated data strategy.

Network 10’s new sales structure is ready to go with all sales leadership appointments complete. From mid-December, advertisers will be able to trade directly with Network 10 for all 2019 bookings.

Advertisers will also have the ability to trade dynamically, with automated audience-based buying operating alongside fixed place buying.

With the new sales team comes a new audience proposition and an accelerated data strategy.

Lean in with a new sales team

Network 10’s sales team will be platform-agnostic with experience across linear and digital. Led by Chief Sales Officer Rod Prosser, the sales leadership team will include:

• Damon Jackson, Melbourne Sales Director.
• Angela Neville, Brisbane Sales Director.
• Cameron Mudge, Adelaide Sales Director.
• Paul Townsend, Perth Sales Director.
• Nisar Malik, Sport Sales Director.

Announcements on 10’s Sydney Sales Director, National Sales Director and Director of 10 Interactive will be made soon.

The sales team will work closely with multi-skilled specialist teams comprising of:

10 Effect - a sponsorship team, led by Tamar Hovagimian, that will integrate, activate and amplify brands and products within 10’s shows.

10 Imagine - a strategy and creative hub, led by Michael Stanford, that will provide category insights, commercial strategy, creative solutions, commercial production, copy writing and branded content.

10 Exchange - a commerce unit, led by Grant Madigan, responsible for revenue, analytics, technology, and data insights.

10 Interactive - our digital sales team powered by CBS Interactive. With the backing of CBS, 10 will have world-leading resources and technology at its hands to deliver advertisers a first-class trading experience.

Mr Prosser said: “Our aim is to deliver client-centric, needs-based solutions for our advertising partners through insights, creativity and ease of trade, with a serious focus on providing meaningful, quality services.

“What does this mean for you? It’s simple – a high-return on your investment with us here at 10.”

Lean in with a refreshed audience proposition

The network’s refreshed audience proposition will firmly focus on the valuable, noisy and engaged under 50s audience, particularly the 16 to 39s and 18 to 49s.

Mr Prosser continued: “10 has always been distinctively different. We like to run our own race. We have a different audience. And, we’re armed with a clear and decisive strategy to grow that audience.

“Advertisers don’t buy total people campaigns. They look at specific demographics segments. Our audiences are younger, switched on and positively engaged with our content.

“Our key programs like I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, MasterChef Australia and The Bachelor Australia not only dominate the viewing across the key demographics, they set alight social channels. Collectively, these shows generate 67 per cent more social activity than the noisiest shows of our competitors. *

“10 is the lean in network. We are braver, more dynamic, and more open. We deliver content that encourages viewers to be part of something everyone is talking about.”

Lean in with an accelerated data strategy

Data will also be a key offering across 10’s suite of sales solutions with a robust data strategy in place to significantly build the company’s member base in 2019.

To support its data strategy, Network 10 has announced a partnership with Tealium, a leader in real-time customer data solutions.

Tealium will work with 10 to unify customer data collection across its digital platforms including 10 Play and 10 Daily, allowing the company to create meaningful audience segments in real-time. The audience segments will enable 10 to deliver targeted solutions for advertisers and personalised experiences for consumers.

Tealium’s Managing Director of ANZ, Eyal Mekler said: “We’re excited to be working with Network 10 to help connect its data across interactions and touchpoints, to create a seamless, relevant, and personalised customer experience, while also supporting its advertiser clients. Data-driven decisions should be at the heart of every marketing and sales strategy, and by helping connect data silos and creating a 360-degree view of each user, we can support Network 10 in addressing the needs of its client base and audience.”

Mr Prosser continued: “Having a sophisticated data strategy is crucial in creating a strong multi-platform sales team. The new advertising norm is to offer solutions that are data-driven, cross-channel and across devices. Our partnership with Tealium will help fast-track the development and sophistication of our data solutions.

“We are building a best-in-class data team and capability, and in 2019 we will be trading on data-driven segments across all our digital properties.”

With a lot to announce and incredible momentum, Network 10’s latest trade advertising campaign will be going live from tomorrow, encouraging advertisers and brands to “Lean in with 10”.




So it starts to make sense now.
But WTF?? The logos don’t look similar to me at all…


How ridiculous. They look nothing alike.


They are two different logos. Surely 10 could’ve changed the font or something?


Fairfax has bigger problems to worry about than this, surely :roll_eyes:


How ridiculous, no comparison there whatsoever.

Edit: This doesn’t even make sense, 10 quickly dropped the different O in favour of moving Boss inside the 10 circle logo as we know - how is this any different to how it appeared originally?

Fairfax have gone mad if true.


if anything the amended logo matched the Fairfax logo more i.e. the filled in “O” on 10 BOSS drew attention to the “O” as the red letter does in the Fairfax “BOSS”


What about Hugo Boss?! :joy: Geez isnt Fairfax getting merged with 9 anyway? So their brand of Boss will go anyway! :joy:


Its so petty of Fairfax as the logos looked nothing alike!


They have to be seen to be protecting their trademark to uphold it or they could lose it, I totally get that however this really is a non issue.

Nobody would have even made any parallels between these 2 logos in the slightest and I think it’s fair to say the overwhelming response is that there’s no comparisons.


10’s pitch for product placement


Not bad vid. Its quirky :+1:


Why would their BOSS brand go? Just because the companies merge, doesn’t mean all their products will too. They’re not going to rebrand The Sydney Morning Herald as Nine News.