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Only a matter of time.


They can probably make more money by bringing Sales in house.


Network Ten Announces New Advertising Sales Department.


Network Ten today announced the establishment of a new Advertising Sales department, headed by Rod Prosser in the role of Chief Sales Officer.

Mr Prosser, currently Network Ten’s Executive General Manager, Revenue and Client Partnerships, will report to Network Ten Chief Executive Officer, Paul Anderson.

This follows today’s announcement that Network Ten’s Sales representation agreement with Multi Channel Network (MCN) will cease after a transition period. MCN will continue to receive sales bookings for Network Ten until the end of 2018.

Network Ten and MCN will work together in the coming months to implement an orderly disengagement process. In the meantime, business will continue as usual. Further updates will be provided jointly by Network Ten and MCN in due course.

Mr Anderson said: “Today is a significant day in Network Ten’s history, as we continue to build and invest in our business.

“Under new ownership, we are making a strategic shift in Sales to more closely align with CBS across all platforms. Our priority is to monetise our premium video content to accommodate changing viewing habits and provide measurable and transparent value for our clients. Controlling the selling function in-house is the best way to achieve that.

“CBS has solutions, experience and systems in many key sales areas, including data, addressable advertising and dynamic trading. Ten’s new Sales platform will fully leverage the expertise of CBS.

“MCN has been a valuable and important partner to Network Ten over the past three years. Together we have achieved some great results and introduced many industry-leading initiatives. I would like to thank everyone at MCN for their contribution to our business,” he said.

“As we’ve said since the announcement of the acquisition, we see many ways for CBS and TEN to work together to help grow their business,” said Armando Nuñez, President and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Studios International. “We look forward to integrating infrastructure, technology and other CBS resources to enhance TEN’s new sales operation and bring value to Australian advertisers and brands.”

The Network Ten Sales department will include a new digital unit, TEN Interactive, which will be underpinned by CBS Interactive’s global technology platform, as well as a new commercial, strategy and integration team focused on delivering premium ideas, sponsorships and integration opportunities across the company’s suite of brands.

Network Ten will also launch a new automated trading platform, TEN Exchange.

Network Ten and MCN to conclude advertising sales agreement

Network Ten and Multi Channel Network (MCN) today announced they will cease their advertising sales representation arrangement, effective at the end of a transition period.

Network Ten and MCN will work together in the coming months to implement an orderly disengagement process. In the meantime, business will continue as usual and MCN will continue to receive all Network Ten sales bookings in the ordinary course until the end of 2018. Further updates will be provided jointly by Network Ten and MCN in due course.

Network Ten Chief Executive Officer, Paul Anderson, said: “MCN has been a valuable partner to Network Ten. Together we have achieved some great results and introduced many industry-leading initiatives. In an industry undergoing rapid change, Network Ten is making a strategic shift in sales to more closely align with CBS across all platforms. I would like to send my sincere thanks to Anthony Fitzgerald, Mark Frain, and everyone at MCN for their enormous contribution over the last three years. We will continue to work closely together to ensure a smooth and stable transition period.”

Multi Channel Network CEO, Mark Frain, said: “MCN is extremely proud of the many achievements accomplished in partnership with Network Ten. Throughout our relationship we have delivered outstanding results for Network Ten as evidenced by a significantly improved revenue to audience power ratio, whilst in parallel driving a new chapter in their data and automation proposition. We wish Network Ten all the success for their next chapter. MCN remains a dynamic, market leading company that will continue to innovate the media market and our next chapter will see a number of new and exciting changes that will strengthen the business and ensure its ongoing success.”

Ten rampant relaunch speculation

So around 120-150 new staff back in at Ten. There’s real expansion happening at the network. Good to see such investment by CBS.


Was the sales agreement with MCN a long time thing? Or was it part of the cost-cutting measures?


Already advertising for Sales positions


I think Ten would be hoping to get back some of the employees who moved to MCN with the current contract.

“audience power” wonder what that measurement is :thinking:


It’s probably something along the lines of revenue per 1000 viewers. I assume MCN are claiming that because revenue and ratings have both fallen at Ten, but they’re saying that revenue has fallen by a smaller pencentage than ratings.


It was a long term thing as part of the News Corp / TEN tie up. When that went bust it was only a matter of time before they were going to part ways.

No way CBS would want sales farmed out of house.

While the spin is ‘120-150 new jobs’ remember they dumped 120-150 jobs and killed the department 2 years ago. (3?)


MCN are also likely going to have to cull jobs too as a result.


It was bound to happen :+1:


Suprised this hasn’t been posted yet but Mumbrella published an article yesterday which has some interesting quotes from Rod Prosser (Ten’s GM for client revenue and partnerships) and Mark Frain (MCN’s CEO) regarding the rationale for Ten terminating the MCM agreement:


“The reality is this is not about MCN, this is about CBS and Ten.

“CBS’ business is about content generation and the distribution of that content and importantly the monetisation of that content. They don’t have a set up like this anywhere in the world. For them, that last piece which is the monetisation part is very important. They want to control it, it’s as simple as that. It’s not about performance, it’s not about personalities, it’s as simple as that".


“There isn’t a market in the world where CBS operates like this,” Frain said.

“They want full control and they want full accountability from their own team to manage their revenue performance moving forward. I will watch from afar with interest the beating Rod that takes from them overseas.


Mark, what you neglect to see is that every other media company in the world sells their own ads - you do it as part of Foxtel.

CBS was always going to terminate the relationship with you because they were not in control. It’d be like having Nine and Seven get together and sell ads together… it aint ever going to work.

The ONLY reason MCN took on Network Ten is because it was part of the long game to fold Ten into Foxtel … Sky News was going to run the newsrooms, North Ryde was going to run the presentation playout and MCN was already selling the ads.

No one in the market saw what signing WITH MCN meant, but they sure did last year during those eventful 5 months.




Interesting article from News Corp around 10’s programming and apparently CBS is about to step in andd shake things up:


Cant access article. Can anyone post it on here?


It was discussed in Ten Network schedules thread.


Daily Mail version of the same story.


what a load of absolute drivel.


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