Network Ten Pty Ltd


I was actually thinking about that earlier in the day… :thinking: If they did return to a solid coloured logo, the colour they’ve used for “daily” in the tendaily logo could work well for a Network relaunch in my opinion, and the presentation style and fonts also used for tendaily could also work well for the next relaunch of the News Service down the road.


Not sure mate, but change is coming.


Tell me what you fucking know or I’ll scream really really loud


Can’t get past that NDA :wink:


Sounds good! Time to get rid of the blue orb. They should never have changed it to light blue, one of the worst design decisions ever made.
Black would look sleek!


Good… we need to see some changes!! give advertisers and viewers confidence in the TEN Brand.


I know there are the naysayers who don’t want to see the Americanism of our television. But CBS should embrace the CBS brand to replace the aging ten brand. Call it CBS10 if you need to. The CBS brand is quite timeless, and as CBS distribute shows on other networks, it’ll actually be a reminder to viewers who watch CBS produced shows on other networks that brand recognition of CBS10.


Not happening.


The majority don’t. Why do you want the Americanism of our television?


Hi, no thanks.


‘Ten’ is fine. They just need to rollout the numerical logo.



The Ten brand is recognisable and while it’s not as strong as it once was, it’s not been damaged in the mind of the viewer by a scandal or whatever. It just has no idea about programming in 2018. That’s not impossible to change. A revamp of the Ten brand would work. Get rid of the restrictive circle and font and modernise it a bit.

Call yourself CBS and you disconnect from virtually everyone. What does it that mean to your average viewer in Australia? Nothing. The CBS brand is in Europe but it was replacing brands with low visibility in the marketplace and could lean on CBS publicity/content with ease.


Where are the Australian shows? This is the real question that should be asked. We have carbon copies of US networks right now. Compare the 1980s to now where a good majority of programming was at least produced in Australia and you have to ask yourself… Why not?

With CBS All Access about to hit our shores, I think CBS will want to connect the ten brand to CBS in a clever way to ensure Joe Public can connect the dots to make CBS All Access a success.


Why is this an obsession? I don’t get it, why do you want an american brand to plast their logo on everything on Ten for? I don’t get it. Ten still has identity, (obviouslyl good and bad along with it, to lose that and have CBS plaster their shit on an australian network is just bad imho)


It will not be called CBS… and yes that NDA is pretty convincing.


Good. One right decision and yeah NDA. But its always nice when someone gives us a little tease though to get the forum talking. :wink:


that’s my motivation.


While Ten might have majority American scripted shows, I think you’ll find ot has just as much Australian content as kt did back then, even if it is reality and other genres.

So how is your plan to becoming more American going to get more Australian programming on Ten again?


Take a look at a fucking TV Guide. There’s a lot of Australian content on.



I don’t know if this is completely true. From 5:00-9:00 Ten have all Australian products on their main channel 6 nights a week. Most nights from 8:30/9:00-10:00 they have Australian shows as well (HYBPA, Shark Tank, Body Hack).