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So, situation normal.


Pretty much.


You two are very cute! :laughing:

:joy: what on earth? Maybe they were the best candidate and the new employer recognised the ABC is the preeminent broadcaster in the country? Glad we’re not mates with small world views like that.

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Of course he was the best candidate. That’s not my point at all. And in my opinion the show he is on is a lot better than it was 12 months ago. My point is that there has been a. Few appointments with left winged minded views. Personally it is why I watch more 10 than any network.

Yeah, but on the basis of suggesting working at the ABC previously is of its own an indication of left wing views.

Chris Uhlmann used to work for the ABC, it’s not like he’s flooding Nine with left wing views…

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Yeah true. I probably shouldn’t have linked the two together. That was my bad. I just know the person and I know his views.


Shit ones on the other hand…

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ViacomCBS Networks Australia launches #InThisTogether, #AloneTogether and #KidsTogether

ViacomCBS Network International’s Australian free-to-air and subscription brands, led by Network 10, MTV and Nickelodeon, today launched their ’Together’ campaigns which focus on sharing health, safety and well-being messages during COVID-19.

Creative executions of the campaigns include:

  • Self-shot videos and live takeovers from celebrity and music talent across the brands.
  • Daily engagement through series’ social accounts, encouraging conversation and among fans.
  • Original content, including animated and graphics-based, focused on health and social distancing.

ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand chief content officer and EVP, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Our brands reach and influence many, many Australians every day. In times like these, we have a clear duty to help however we can. The ‘Together’ campaigns are part of our contribution to educating and helping Australians during these uncertain times.

“Now is the time for every person and every business – in Australia and around the world – to work together and help each other.”

Network 10’s #InThisTogether aligns with a similar campaign launched by CBS in the United States which features network talent recording videos, some from their own homes, providing reassurance and promoting togetherness during COVID-19. Talent featured in the promo include Carrie Bickmore, Lisa Wilkinson, Jonathan LaPaglia, Osher Günsberg, Miguel Maestre and Sarah Harris.

MTV’s #AloneTogether is a global social and talent led campaign that educates audiences on the importance of social distancing and drives unity through entertainment. A focus on mental health is a vital part of the effort, underscoring that social distancing does not mean social isolation.

Nickelodeon’s #KidsTogether is a multiplatform, global prosocial initiative using Nickelodeon’s most popular characters and talent – including SpongeBob SquarePants , Blue’s Clues & You!, Henry Danger, and Bubble Guppies - to engage with kids and families on tips for staying healthy, and also ideas for activities to do together while in the home during the COVID-19 outbreak with elements aggregated for easy access on a central online destination at

The #AloneTogether campaign, which was developed by ViacomCBS Entertainment & Youth brands in partnership with the The Ad Council in the U.S., has also been tailored and supported by Pluto TV in markets around the world, and CBS and CBS All-Access, Awesomeness, and Showtime in the U.S.

ViacomCBS Networks International’s Entertainment & Youth Brands are also developing #AloneTogether content to be shared collectively to their more than 500 million social followers, communicating the public health message through their distinct brand voices. Further details on MTV Australia’s #AloneTogether content will be announced soon.

Network 10 promo

MTV promo

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What ever happened to those rumors of an MTV multi?

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someone on here has suggested that MTV multi will be coming in July as well as 10 Bold in HD

they were shut down by the (now departing) CEO in early February

I reckon Ten would be better doing a hybrid channel - Nick from 6am to 8pm, MTV Music/reality from 8pm.


I like the sound of that.

Even better still - give up the idea of introducing a 4th channel and just launch HD versions of both 10 BOLD and 10 Peach already!

MTV & Nickelodeon content should just be incorporated into the schedule of 10 Peach IMO.


Might not be a bad idea. ABC KIDS is huge. FTA all but ignores kids tv so if you’re an advertiser there is no where to go

Perfect stuff.

Ten said there were no plans to launch another multichannel. How could they shutdown something that was never happening.

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They shut down the rumours

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