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What ever happened to those rumors of an MTV multi?

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someone on here has suggested that MTV multi will be coming in July as well as 10 Bold in HD

they were shut down by the (now departing) CEO in early February

I reckon Ten would be better doing a hybrid channel - Nick from 6am to 8pm, MTV Music/reality from 8pm.


I like the sound of that.

Even better still - give up the idea of introducing a 4th channel and just launch HD versions of both 10 BOLD and 10 Peach already!

MTV & Nickelodeon content should just be incorporated into the schedule of 10 Peach IMO.


Might not be a bad idea. ABC KIDS is huge. FTA all but ignores kids tv so if you’re an advertiser there is no where to go

Perfect stuff.

Ten said there were no plans to launch another multichannel. How could they shutdown something that was never happening.

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They shut down the rumours

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Can someone explain to me why they need to shutdown for 4 days?

Advertising has gone through the floor so media businesses are having to stand down workers on unpaid leave or take pay cuts, Ten is no different.

Doing it just after Easter makes sense as a lot of people would have taken leave then anyway.


Thanks for explaining. And this might sound a bit naive of me but there is still advertising on TV. Wouldn’t that mean there is still revenue for 10?

@turdall I think ads are booked months in advance


I’d say that much of the advertising we are seeing now has been pre-booked and it would seem that future advertising is drying up. I’ve recently see adverts for Golf Courses, the Gold Coast as a tourist destination, gyms etc.


@KICK-IT and @TV.Cynic thanks for enlightening me.

I’d say some advertising has been pulled. travel, fashion etc and some of that would have been replaced by health and coronavirus information but there would be a massive shortfall.


I’m a former agency sales executive.

The floor has literally been pulled out from media companies and everything is falling.


There is a bottom… not there yet, not far off though I would say.


In the forward selling months - around September into Christmas, if the modelling of the pandemic is right and it shows late April as the peak, then July/August becoming less restrictive on social distancing etc, the advertising market will come back. It will take some time and lessons would have been learned, but it will come back.

Ten, Seven and Nine have been smart, along with Southern Cross Austereo, Grants etc in trimming where they can and asking staff to take leave for a while. It loads up the second-half of the year, and especially Q2 2020-21, for a good run.

We just have to get through the next 3-4 months as a country with as little damage to our community and economy as possible. Saving lives is the only thing we need to worry about right this minute.


What’s a gold course?

An exclusive, premium golf course. :wink:

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