It’s been PG since around 2017/18.

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Well I take that back lol.

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Since 2017/18? There you do. Thanks for that.

How good is the current Krista and Chelsea plot? Just watching last weeks eps. These two are playing this storyline perfectly. Good to see the show back to what it does best.


And full credit to both actresses who are playing those roles. They have been a great find.


At the moment Neighbours is much more interesting than Home and Away. Both have characters who aren’t really working but currently H&A has more than Neighbours.


More former cast to be brought back now that they have a retirement community.

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According to Sunday Herald Sun’s Fiona Byrne, Rosemary Daniels will be written out of the show as an off-screen death on next week’s (May 13-16) episodes, after the sad passing of portraying actress Joy Chambers last September at 76.

It was reported earlier this week. The storyline is buing used an explanation for Stefan Dennis taking a break from the show.

Does every major actor have to take a months break or something?

It seems like the “big four” actors have contracts which allows them to take extended holidays throughout the year. I think we are seeing episodes filmed from the end of last year/start of this year so some of the actors had an extended Christmas/New Year’s break.

Plus, we know Jackie Woodburne had a big international holiday planned before the show returned so she negotiated to have an extra long break from the show. Stefan Dennis had an accident on a skiing trip early this year throwing his planned storylines into chaos, so he’s going to be gone for quite a while too.

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We’re very excited to welcome Matthew Backer to the cast. His character, Logan, will arrive in Erinsborough in the coming weeks but what’s his reason for showing up in town? And who does Logan have a mysterious connection to on Ramsay Street?

A former Fraser Coast Chronicle journalist turned gifted thespian is set to take on a starring role on beloved Australian television show Neighbours.

Matthew Backer, who has starred in Play School, Prosper, Five Bedrooms and numerous stage productions, will take on a regular role in the iconic series.

He has been cast as Logan, a new love interest for Aaron Brennan.

Maria’s first episode as Amira is this Tuesday (May 21).

Karl is twice surprised. Toadie confronts an uncomfortable truth. A surprise visitor challenges Mackenzie.

Ratings for Neighbours were high in Monday averaging 108k total tv in the 5-city metro.


They really need to get a Friday edition.

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What for? It was always their lowest rating episode of the week.

The deal with Amazon is for a certain number of episodes per year. Four episodes per week is all they’re willing to fund.

Keep the afternoon weekday line up similar 5 days a week.

It’s not up to 10 unfortunately. It’s commissioned primarily as a streaming show that drops at 7am Monday to Thursday in the UK. It doesn’t have that problem of needing to fit into a nice and neat schedule.

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Because now I’m addicted to the reboot, Fridays make me sad :disappointed:

Go out and party like many people do on Fridays :laughing: (which is why ratings slip).