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he’s known on air for his hatred of Sydney. He even had a massive crack at them on Newcastle radio a couple of years ago.


As an ex Sydney resident now living on the NSW North Coast, I completely sympathise with Gavin on that.


it was something about those big storms a couple of years ago and he said “oh and then the network decided we were important all of a sudden, so they sent the chopper up.”


Good! A local presenter should be advocating everything about the area where they are. It’s what a good local station does. We have none of those in Australia, at least the ones owned by Nine, Seven, Ten OR SCA at the moment.

It is Northern New South Wales - not northern Sydney, like everything f**king broadcaster seems to think we all live.


Although I see Gavin Morris’ point, it’s still not very professional.

One wonders what the powers that be at Nine (who only relatively recently, have given him a promotion via presenting the Southern NSW/ACT forecasts and regular spots in the “Chat Room” segment of Nine News Now) thought of that of that outburst…