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he’s known on air for his hatred of Sydney. He even had a massive crack at them on Newcastle radio a couple of years ago.


As an ex Sydney resident now living on the NSW North Coast, I completely sympathise with Gavin on that.


it was something about those big storms a couple of years ago and he said “oh and then the network decided we were important all of a sudden, so they sent the chopper up.”


Good! A local presenter should be advocating everything about the area where they are. It’s what a good local station does. We have none of those in Australia, at least the ones owned by Nine, Seven, Ten OR SCA at the moment.

It is Northern New South Wales - not northern Sydney, like everything f**king broadcaster seems to think we all live.


Although I see Gavin Morris’ point, it’s still not very professional.

One wonders what the powers that be at Nine (who only relatively recently, have given him a promotion via presenting the Southern NSW/ACT forecasts and regular spots in the “Chat Room” segment of Nine News Now) thought of that of that outburst…


Noticed this evening that NBN now have the same style mic flags as Nine - NBN NEWS.com.au


Caught a glimpse of the new mic flag


They look much better than the old ones, which were getting a bit tatty looking - some ended up with only eight and a half dots.

And also suggests to me that there won’t be any rebranding of the bulletin to Nine News early in the New Year either.


and the stupidity of that continues - first promo this morning out of the Today Show was a 60 second News promo which showcased ACA, Today, 60 Minutes and Nine News, complete with Peter Overton voicing stories… then they show the program assets including the NBN News logo, along with ACA, 60 and Today, then finish with “AUSTRALIA’S BEST NEWS” and the Nine logo.

So dumb.


After reading about the Southern Cross / 7 Tasmania situation whereby it appears they are not allowed to brand it as “Seven News” because the Seven Network does not have editorial control, I am wondering if a similar situation is occurring here?

I know NBN is O&O by Nine, and is a bit of a different situation in that respect, but because the bulletin is produced in Newcastle and not Sydney, and thus is not a network “hub”, could this be why they won’t rebrand?


I always assumed that the current branding situation was less about network politics and more due to being a compromise. As an outsider looking in it seemed like Nine naturally wanted their network brand to be used right up and down the East Coast, with NBN probably wanting to retain the very little local autonomy they had left.

Either way, one would imagine that at some point in the future when both TCN and NBN move into new facilities, the production/presentation of NBN News (regardless of branding) will likely be moved to Sydney with only a smaller base in Newcastle for local reporters and any other staff required to be based locally. Sad, but that’s the way television news in regional Australia is going these days.


Georgia Maher presented the Christmas Day bulletin (no local windows):


Thanks for those caps and video!

Interesting to see that they’ve still got Applethorpe in the “Today” temps when it’s part of the QLD regional broadcast area and not nearby Tenterfield which is in Northern NSW. As I know they’ve done this in previous Christmas Day bulletins too.


Those tablets they use are so unnecessary to be right in shot like that, part of a sponsorship deal of some sort perhaps?


NBN News have done this for years, except prior to 2014 it was bulky laptops rather than Windows tablets.


Oh yes, those laptops were way more intrusive than these tablets they’re using now.

They would block their arms out of view completely.


Indeed - those Dell Laptops were looking quite dated just prior to the 2014 relaunch!

The amount of times that old set was tweaked over 15 years as well - I know we complain about the On-Air Presentation of NBN News a lot but although it was smaller than this (with the wideshots decreasing in frequency as the years progressed), surely we have to say that the “hand me down Nine News set” received in 2017 was a major upgrade for them?


Yes I agree, there was far too much blue in that set (as you’ve posted).


That set looks better than the current one IMO.


Not sure if that’s the reason. When the Adelaide and Perth stations were owned by WIN and before that Southern Cross, the bulletins were still called Nine News.

Petty politics combined with a sense of localness for the viewer is what I suspect to be the driving force. Quite stupid since the localness of the station branding has been succeeded by network branding anyway…