NBN News


I agree!

Even worse when it’s on terrestrial on a 55 inch telly.

A lot of the time it isn’t even widescreen… there are often slim black bars on the side.


I definitely agree that NBN News desperately needs an upgrade to HD, but realistically they’re not likely to spend money on new equipment until they move out of Mosbri Cresent.


NBN, aka the Guy Smiley network. Paul Lobb and Gavin whatever his name is have got to be some of the most insincere and lightweight presenters going around.


When Nine News Newcastle is coming out of 1 Denison St there will be no doubt that it will be in HD. :smile:


Hopefully with a new set. I don’t think they’ll get the full-sized national look but hopefully a downsized, “inspired-by-metro” version that’s suitable for regional production but still worthy of metro visual standards.


They only got a ‘new’ albeit “hand me down” metro set recently.

If they move within the next 1-2 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just take that one with them.


I’d say the current NBN set looks dated mostly because of the wood panels - same as how Ten Sydney looked so much more modern once they replaced the wood surround with a lighter look.

Obviously a lot of the time station specific tweaks go badly, but if they do it right then they could make the set look far more fresh without investing in a totally new set.


Yep. I’m not sure what’s sadder - the fact NBN News “most recent” set is mainly from 2009 or it was still newer than their previous set with some elements from that one dating back to 2002! :open_mouth:

…or they might just get a similar set to the other Nine News Regional operations when they get “streamlined” into Sydney-based presentation!

Personally, I really hope that won’t happen. But since the parent company is about to merge/takeover Fairfax, I unfortunately wouldn’t be overly surprised if some of the Nine Network’s lower priority assets like NBN have to deal with cutbacks. At some point in the future, one would imagine their theory (which I wouldn’t entirely agree with, but at the same time is hard to argue) is probably going to be something like “Why have the Northern NSW bulletins produced/presented in Newcastle when it’s cheaper, more efficient and easier to attract on-air presenting talent to Sydney like our Southern NSW/ACT regional bulletin operations?”!

I agree, hopefully NBN News will make similar tweaks to their set at some point.


It surely wouldn’t be hard for them to make the same modifications to their set that Perth and Adelaide did in 2015. Paint the timber matte silver, brighter lighting and BOOM! Instant facelift. They could go further, but a lick of paint would be the cheapest temporary solution.


A very average attempt at a super tonight, spelling error notwithstanding.

“Near Cairns” would have sufficed.

This was in the Central Coast “local” window, the “local” angle being that it featured a Southern Cross University (Lismore) professor.

The report was filed by NBN Far North Coast reporter Georgia Anderson I’m guessing the footage was sourced from Nine News regional.


Never mind the super, I reckon that’s a very average attempt at “Central Coast local news” from NBN!


It happens all the time.

Pretty much every night, HALF of the local news window content isn’t local at all.


I’m in Singleton today (lower Hunter) and NBN News just gave us the north west’s weather report.

I reckon their facebook page is about to blow up.


Yep I heard people in Toronto complain they saw Tamworth weather


Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

I wonder if Tamworth got the Newcastle weather report then?


I wonder if the local windows play out from Newcastle still? Or do they just playout from Sydney?


No, We got our New England weather feed tonight as far as I can remember


WOW Gavin just blamed “Sydney city slickers” for the incorrect weather in Newcastle.

So that means the local news, sport and weather windows are switched in Sydney just like ads!


Now those city slickers at TCN just need to hurry up and remove the legacy “NBN” branding altogether. :wink: (That’ll teach those pesky Novacastrians!)


That’s a bit amateurish to say that, blaming what is essentially another part of the organisation.

He should have just said “technical difficulties” or something like that.