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How long have NBN had a TV wall behind the main backdrop perspex? I don’t seem to remember the eastern states having this previously. And why bother spending money to put screens way back there?


Since the current set was launched…I think.

If I’m not mistaken that TV wall behind the main backdrop was part of NBN News’ previous set, so it probably didn’t cost that much to incorporate it.


Looked back, you are correct.

Still a shame that they didn’t give the old set a lick of paint to try and make it work with the current national set, it was already curved. Some red paint on the top and side skirting, a new lightbox print of the First at Five newsroom backdrop, and a new globe print on the desk. Done!


The local news windows were abruptly aborted about 90 seconds in tonight by an unscheduled ad break. This looked to be an network wide issue as both Newcastle and Central Coast were affected. This is not the first time this has happened.

When the news returned, an unprepared Natasha Beyersdorf started reading the network news items.

The way I understand how NBN News works is that it won’t be possible for them to return to local news, so they will need to quickly find a few extra items to fill up the bulletin.


Saw it in Coffs too. They did fill the gaps with stories and it was a long time between ad breaks as a result.


Peter Overton voiced a promo for tonight’s NBN News.


that’s been happening for over a month now, some days we get those promos, some days not.


Tyson Cottrill is presenting NBN News tonight:


Apologies for the double post, but…

I didn’t really get the context of these posts at the time, but I think I do now: NBN News now seems to be carrying (at least some) Nine News Sydney Special Reports!

The promo I saw tonight was in HD (unlike NBN News’ actual bulletins which almost look like a washed up VHS tape for the pre-recorded windows) and even included Peter Overton’s voiceover for the “NBN News, Monday at Six” Endtag but since there’s been obviously in-house promos for NBN News in HD before, I’m not sure whether the “Special Report” Promos are being edited in Sydney or Newcastle.


Nine News special programming live from Sydney (Peter Overton) and then Bangli to cover Renae Lawrence walking free was scheduled to last for half an hour until 8:30 on NBN, but finished a bit before 8:10 as she had already left. Interestingly, the programme guide called it A Current Affair (links in with the end of the NBN News bulletin - Natasha Beyersdorf said A Current Affair would have live information).

News updates also coming out of Sydney with Peter Overton - although exclusively dedicated to Renae.


I suspect there may have been some issues with their EPG in some regions tonight, as on the Central Coast it showed as Millionaire Hot Seat during the 6pm news, but here in Newcastle it was correctly shown as NBN News at the same time.


NBN News have an obvious dislike for making any reference to the Nine News brand, its just referred to as “the network” at best. Quite odd, when their own primary channel brand is known as Nine.

At least the EPGs now correctly title the daytime bulletins as Nine News.


Must NBN think the Central Coast have the same timing as Queensland this year? Maybe the programmers are drunk?


Samantha Long from NBN News reports on Today about the bushfires in the Hunter Valley.


I didn’t watch NBN News tonight, but I wonder if they aired the Nine News Sydney report on the V8 Supercar race or not.

As in the Sydney report, Jake Duke referred to Newcastle as “sleepy”. Which would not have gone down well at NBN or with their viewers.

You’d think that Sydney would voice the report more appropriately given that there’s the potential for NBN to air that report, even more so on weekends.


If you ask me, that’s incredibly insulting for what is (or at least was, I know the population of key Western Sydney centres have been booming in recent years but don’t know if any have overtaken Newy yet) the 2nd biggest city in NSW!


The Newcastle Now Business Improvement Association is of the opinion that Newcastle has been a sleepy city.


no Stephen Mount did NBN’s package


Montage from last week, including a live cross to the newsroom:


God that camera quality is so bad! Time for an upgrade to HD I reckon :stuck_out_tongue: