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No one notices pre recorded signoffs unless you are in the industry. There is no point using a heritage name if you are going to modify it to something else.

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I do! :rofl:

And some of them sound really out dated and do not seem to match the voice in the report (or the delivery of it) at all.

I thought the Ten Capital branding that was used in Southern NSW in the mid-late 90s worked well.

The 6pm bulletin was branded as the ‘Ten Capital News At Six’ and used TEN supers and the original TEN News sign offs in the reports.

And Prime7 was another one that worked well too.

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There’s also the risk of an NBN News sign off ending up on Nine News, like it did in Melbourne one time.


It’s happened in Sydney too I think.

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Maybe they could do two versions of the reporter sign-offs in their pieces, one for local and one for network?

That would be ideal they used to do specific sign off’s for Nightline back in the day but it takes time and the reports are produced to a tight deadline some times they aren’t completed until right before they air in some cases so it isn’t practical to do multiple sign off’s in many cases.
I watched NBN’s news the other day from the live stream URL and I didn’t notice the sign off issues but a lot of the Nine reports didn’t have them.

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And that’s my main issue, no consistency.

I didn’t see any sign off’s with the reporter saying Nine News as the sign off. So if they are consistent with local reports having NBN News sign off’s and Nine reports with NBN News signoffs if available otherwise there isn’t one that’s pretty consistent to me. Most viewers would not notice or care.

When I worked at Newshub the editors kept Prime News/Newshub sign offs in the edit bin for a number of reporters that could be tacked on if needed.

Mainly worked when the last shot was not the reporter.

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Every night, there’s one or two reports with no sign off at all, that’s the gap in consistency for me.

Sometimes NBN News will edit out the on.screen sign off with footage already seen in the report along with a pre-recorded sign off.

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I thought when the Nine reporters did a on-screen sign off they would record an extra one for NBN News? That didn’t last long.

Too much extra work for the reporters and the editors I assume.

I don’t think they do anymore, as some of them sound pretty obviously edited in that the voice and delivery are different to the actual report. The Mark Burrows one sounds exactly the same every time.

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They still do sometimes, you notice when they do because the audio and voice level matches perfectly.


TCN started the news early and they didn’t opt out NBN in time so we had Peter Overton on…

They then finally switched over to NBN in the middle of the opener.


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I thought it was cute