Narrowcast and AM Narrowband Radio

I think Cool Country used Mt. Riverview site in the past.

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I think there are a few 10 watt licences in the mix as well.

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Im sure 88.7 Vintage FM in the Camden area has been signal boosted since last check…now quite easy to receive in the Campbelltown area with solid till at least Minto today.

Nothing on the website to indicate a boosted signal either.


It is received ok on my car radio at Stanhope Gardens (NW Sydney) only above the noise floor on my dx setup.

I am sure they are over ERP.
I know not related to this thread but I get better reception of 100.3 2MCR then I do of C91.3.

2MCR is 200W and mixed polarity. C91.3 is 1KW, is C91.3 still vertical? That is the only thing that I can think of why C91.3 is so weak on my dx setup.

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C91.3 is still vertical. It’s a hangover from the analogue TV days so that the signal wouldnt interfere with WIN3 Wollongong.


I too get 2MCR more readily than C91.3 for this reason, although since Braidwood switched on 100.3 it’s more difficult. I had C91.3 weakly atop the escarpment the other day on the car radio, so I reckon they are definitely still vertical. As Mechie said, this was to minimise interference to WIN3; Brokers Nose to Razorback isn’t all that far.

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That makes sense about it being vertical, as C91.3 it is so weak it is not much above the noise floor. 102.9 2ST is received stronger with my dx setup now they are back to full power, and my fm antenna is in the best position for signals from the south.

Was ACMA at one stage considering changes to their specs, and allowing mixed polarity after the closure of NBN / WIN3? The current 2MAC licence on ACMA still states Vertical.

I understand C91.3 now has their antennas on the newer tower which is the Razorback Tv tower so I am assuming they are vertical.

Sorry I have gone off topic mods feel free to move to relevant thread.

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Yes C91.3 are on the taller TV tower at Razorback & they are mixed, they have a 4 bay mixed antenna array at the same height up the tower as the 2 bay vertical antenna on top of the old smaller tower.
Been this way for at least the last 4.5 years that I know of.
Easily seen on Google Maps street view if you need confirmation.


I notice the 4 bay mixed antenna too. Is C91.3 broadcasting under their 1KW specs as the 200W community is received much stronger then C91.3 with my dx setup?


I couldn’t tell you, the DTV is in the green hut (left side of big tower looking from the road), WIN has all their comms stuff & C91.3 in the other white hut (behind the generator on the Right side of both towers).

TXA doesn’t have access to the WIN hut, so I’ve never actually seen the C91.3 transmitter?


ACMA has today released its consultation paper in regards to extending spectrum availability for LPON services.

To license LPON services, we must determine that radiofrequency spectrum is available. We do this under section 34 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 .

The current section 34 determination expires on 31 December 2025.



I would say the s34 determination would be renewed, but it will be interesting to see if there’s any pressure from the commercial sector to nix the LPONs from 87.5-88.0 MHz, in order to facilitate possible FM conversions down the track. 2LM Lismore is one party that might have a say here.

Is there still an issue of radios not receiving the sub-88MHz frequencies? Or do most now do it? I think they do, but not sure if there’d be legacy issues say assigning a commercial 87.7MHz if some people struggled to tune that low.

This is just procedural by the ACMA, I really dont think the recently elected government want a fight with racing radio, the christian lobby, ethic groups, tourism industry, Kix Country and other niche music providers (and their listeners).

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Just the first two.


With the RNA returning this year in Brisbane, waiting to see if a special broadcast appears in the temporary licence list and what frequency is used.


We’ve had a few different ones, haven’t we? 95.3 was used by Riverfire for the last few years, but didn’t the RNA use 93.7 before that?


I came across this blast from the past, kinda, today.

Coast Rock FM, this ones a narrowcast station around Foster, Karuah & Bulahdelah area apparently (not Gosford like the original).

They play Aus Rock, not bad actually.

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