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1611kHz Launceston is now carrying SBS PopDesi!
Another look at ACMA frequency register reveals that Rete Italia’s licences remain in force until 25/12/2019.
Was previously until Sept 20th, 2019. Maybe Crocmedia need more time to complete transaction?


Does anyone know the deal with Radio TAB announcing they will simulcast the Adelaide SEN breakfast show instead of the national show. Apparently there were complaints and my friend from Adelaide tells me the national show is back on this morning. Anyone have the scoop?


Default sat decoder setting?

No surprise there, most likely the reason, this could bring the whole of Crocmedia down if they’re short of cashflow.

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Suneel’s 1665 kHz licence that has been using the 4QR standby mast at Bald Hills went to carrier earlier this week and remains off air at least late yesterday and still this morning.

Coverage was very poor for close to a half wave mast for the frequency.

Any proximity to powerlines would swamp the signal, as close as Waterworks Road The Gap to Normanby or Sandgate Road to Toombul. Despite the proximity to Bald Hills, none of these locations were good.

Hopefully it’s off air whilst improvements are made.


Likely a malfunctioning VAST receiver…

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Possibly unless there’s a significant Indian community in the Launceston region now & some tech (?) visiting the transmitter site decided to utilise the dead air transmission for something more entertaining?
Is 1611kHz Hobart unmodulated carrier atm?


Yes, 1611 Hobart is off the air entirely, and has been for some time now.

It changed to the VAST channel 800 loop at some stage during 2016, and then went off the air completely in 2017.

The equipment is sitting unused at the transmitter site. From what I’ve heard, the only thing stopping Rete Italia from recommencing transmissions in Hobart on 1611 is a faulty satellite receiver. However, the coverage wasn’t very good when it was on the air…


657kHz in Perth is also carrying SBS PopDesi now.

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SEN still promoting the breakfast show as being available on RadioTAB:

Yes apparently it’s back on in Adelaide today. Must have been a glitch yesterday.


The RI programming or the reliability of the sat feed?

Here’s a pic via Google Streetview of Radio Rhythm’s transmission antenna for 1692kHz in Perth.

Antenna is on roof top of Swedish Auto Centre. (April 2018)
Looks like an inefficient vertical radiator of similar style of Radio Symban’s 120mb shortwave antenna
that was last used in Sydney on 2368.5kHz.

Anyone know if they are still on air from Perth?

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Suneel Oberoi’s 1665 Brisbane service was on air for a few weeks from the 4QR standby mast during Sept.

A number of engineering problems that he can rectify in Brisbane has seen the service go off air.

The coverage was much less than expected for what is almost a 1/2 wave mast.

Instead of using a TX close to 400w, using a higher powered TX wound down to 400w may assist.

Number of other improvements may improve coverage too, will add from my notes later.

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Rete Italia 1620 from Tinchbourne Street Chandler (just over the creek from Capalaba, so an eastern boundary suburb of BCC) has their program back on.

It had been carrier for a couple of weeks.

The coverage is as pitiful as ever, typical of the roof mounted ‘broomstick’ mast.

1620 Gold Coast is still running the disgraceful 1kHz tone, distorted and splattering over five adjacent channels either side. Crocmedia has not responded to remedy this.

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1620 kHz near Capalaba yesterday went to back up music. Today, off completely, no carrier.

1665 is back on today, no improvement to signal.

3 Oct update (site won’t let me make a new post):

1665 kHz Bald Hills BA backup mast is off today (on yesterday).

1620 kHz near Capalaba (most unaware of Chandler) remains off.

1620 kHz Burleigh golf course (at Miami) still on with distorted, glitching 1kHz tone spread across 45kHz either side.


I’m now getting Vintage FM on both 88.0 and 88.7 MHz (whereas previously 88.0 was Air FM).

Does anyone know if the only Vintage FM TX on 88.0 is from Mount Gibraltar? If so, that’s a long way for a supposedly 1-watt LPON to reach (I’m some 80km from Mount Gibraltar). I note that there’s also an LPON allocated on 88 MHz to Gregory Hills, which is a lot closer, but I’m unsure if it’s on-air.


Before the Newcastle off band stations started, I could get faint RAW FM on 87.8 from northern Sydney (this was back when RAW FM Central Coast was on 99.1 in Gosford and Wyong).

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It’s the ex Air FM tx at Mount Riverview, serving the Penrith Valley. The operator of Air FM, Craig Allen, sadly passed away earlier this year.

I think we have Vintage on both 87.6 and 88.0 in western Sydney at the moment.


As well as 87.8 Penrith.

Thanks for the info, dxnerd. Mount Riverview is about 50km from me, still quite a distance for something that’s licensed for 1 watt.

The Air FM website (and web stream) still seems to be live. Has it just been on auto-pilot? Or is someone else running it now?

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