Must see movies

It is non-ratings season so between cricket matches I’ve been catching up on some movies I’ve always said “I’ll watch some day”. Here is a list of some of them and others which I will recommend to anyone.

Feel free to share yours! Always after new titles to watch.

Stand By Me
Hot Fuzz
The Dish
The Castle
Bourne Trillogy
They’re A Weird Mob
The Party
V for Vendetta
Lord Of War
Fault In Our Stars
The Bank
Ricky and Pete
Once Were Warriors
The Lost Boys
The Italian Job (original)
Spud I and II (Spud III was average)

Will add to this list as I think of more I’ve seen and liked


Any movie suggestions for what’s currently in cinemas?

I’m interesting in seeing Passengers.

Jackie is a terrible movie, give it a miss.



I personally think the Star Wars originals and Lord of the Rings would be the most must-see. They’re huge pop culture influences.

I’d count Arrival as a good film from 2016 to see.

Weekend At Bernie’s 2

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‘Lion’ is pretty good. It’s based of a true story and my friend’s brother who lives in Tassie was actually Saroo’s housemate for a period of time (he is based of the main character, played by Dev Patel).

It was quite boring didnt live up to all the hype

But do they have the higher ground?

Actually if you haven’t seen Airplane/ Flying High, I would highly suggest to see that. One of the classics in comedy and the absolute godfather of spoof films

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I have seen them, and don’t call me Actually.

I don’t like your reference, it’s rough and course and gets everywhere…

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god damn it, the reference was the chosen one! It was said that the reference would destroy the Sith, not join them. It was to bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!

Well from my perspective it is the references which are evil.

Watch the whole trilogy - Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The Worlds End

HF is the best of the three, but the other two aren’t terrible

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My (personal favourite) must see movies:

  • Back To The Future (1,2 & 3)
  • The Goonies
  • Rambo
  • Rocky

These are my favourite movies of all time

Adding Holding The Man to my list. Forgot I watched this on my flight to Singapore and loved it.