Mr Black

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I like this timeslot for Australian drama. 7 seems to have abandoned Australian drama altogether so 10 should jump into that timeslot. I would even put Five Bedrooms there when it is ready to go.


It’s a comedy.

Australian comedy/drama. You get the point. Probably would have been a good slot for How to Stay Married.

I second this.

Ok, i don’t have time to watch it right now but I just checked out the first 5 mins and it was great, definitely a show I think I can get behind.
Hope it does well.

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Quite enjoyed that first episode. We saw s lot of the scenes in the promos. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Wed 10.20pm Bold
Fri 9.30pm Ten

Is tonight two episodes joined together or a one hour season final?

Definitely two. Episodes 7 and 8 of Season 1.

The first one was probably the funniest one of the whole season.

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From this TV Tonight article:

CJZ’s current drama is 10’s Melbourne-made whodunnit My Life is Murder, which follows from comedy series Mr. Black, currently in development for a second season.


For those who may not remember Nick’s early work

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i used to love this show and loved nick in it:)

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Also starred Eve Morey, Annie Jones, and Geoff Paine.

An update on this earlier story from August.

Why are 10 dragging their feet on announcing a second season, when it’s reportedly already in development?

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I remember him from Pigs Breakfast. I loved that show when I was an early teen! I also went to uni with Nick. He was in my first year Earth Science’s class (I believe he was doing a Sicence/Arts degree at Monash , I was doing Science).I had no idea at the time that he was the guy from Pig’s Breakfast. I only worked that out later on.

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He was also in 2 episodes of The Saddle Club.

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