Monday 28 January 2019

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I’d be curious to see MKR’s numbers for the first half hour and if there was significant drop off once MAFS started at 7.30


I am. 1 million is good but nothing special compared to the figures we have seen in the past from other shows. Even Celebrity debuted with 1 million.


The reality shows are now out of control with their episode length. I get why TEN do it, they’ve no other content that will hold those viewers post show. The funny thing is, with MKR it gets edited to an hour for overseas sales that’s how much fluff is in it. I don’t watch but I assume it does all the usual “still to come” and after the break recaps at each commercial like the other shows.

I reckon MKR probably would’ve done the same at 7:30. I reckon they’ve just hurt Home and Away more but I wouldn’t go rushing it back after advertising it “after the cricket” now. (However I notice TBA next week at 7 and 7:30)


So is it fair to say that out of the 3 reality shows from the 3 commercial networks, Celebrity Jungle has the biggest launch. Maybe it has something to do with the competition at that time. Just my two cents.


I agree. There’s usually a certain type of person who watches the stripped reality formats and they often don’t watch sport. Last night that type of person was scattered across three networks but when Celebrity launched they were coming in from streaming, summer holidays etc.


I was thinking MKR would go below 800K so interesting that it was above.

Married at First Sight…well it’s winning but it’s nowhere near its peak. Not the numbers Nine wanted as I’m sure Nine would’ve promised advertisers numbers well north of 1.5 million. Although it’s a grower so it could change, or it could suffer a Ninja Warrior drop.

Celebrity still holding up well. Shame that Katherine Kelly Lang was revealed so early, for if they kept the buzz building it could potentially go higher.

Someone here will be quite upset by the MKR ratings.


They probably wouldn’t have. Especially for the weddings. Maybe for the dinner parties. But I guess if you look at last years figures you wouldn’t want to promise an extra 500k.


If anything the show needs to move back to 60-70 min episodes. If something is showing signs of age the worst thing you can do is drag it out. Speed it up!


Oh the episodes are sooooooo long. It’s awful. I’m streaming MAFS and enjoying, but god it is dragged out.


Or it could be that most MKR viewers know you can tune in after about 40 minutes and not miss any of the dining and critiques - especially so on the first episode with all the introductions.

I watched bits of it last night (yes, from 7pm), and it was around forty minutes in before Pete and Manu were shown arriving at the house.

Imo, it’s not the start time, it’s the run time. They need to tighten up the format. I’m sure Seven will be reviewing the breakdown to see where the viewers are coming and going.

Edit: Just saw your subsequent post which raised the same point :slight_smile:


Although last night’s ratings for Married At First Sight were solid, I really think Nine would’ve been expecting and promising to their advertisers at least 1.2 million metro viewers for the launch episode, especially off the back of the Australian Open. Will MAFS be a grower or collapse in a heap like Australian Ninja Warrior did last year? Only time will tell.

Either way, it’s probably safe to say that viewers are just about sick and tired of MKR with that show’s launch being under 1 million for the first time. No doubt there will be crisis meetings at Seven if the program continues to rate below MAFS!


There’s a few things they could do with it (eg; move it to Q3/Q4 where it could still be a decent performer for them) - whether they have the courage/smarts to take action is another matter

Considering how badly the Scorchers played, Seven did a public service by shunting the match to 7mate!

I would be surprised if it doesn’t do that in the coming days. If so, Seven would be worried about how far it could potentially fall before stabilising…

I would argue that should happen for most episodes of all reality programs. You only have to look at how fast-paced US reality programs are to see the difference having a tight one-hour program (or a two-hour program once-a-week) makes

I think if you asked Seven executives honestly, they would say that MKR would come 2nd behind MAFS this year. The issue is if the margin between the two show widens significantly.


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The trend with MAFS is for it to rise throughout the season. Whereas with MKR (until the Commonwealth Games began and MAFS ended last year), the ratings dropped as the season went on last year.


The real concerning thing for 7 is that they have two seasons of MKR this year and they have already dragged this season out more than previous seasons, with more than 120 minute episodes to begin the season. 7 should be concerned about the damage they have done to MKR.


I think it is only a one-off to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. I suppose any excuse to have two seasons per year.


It is rumoured to be a shorter All Stars season. Celebrity may work too.


Someone on twitter posted “39 minutes in and still no food”.


Yes I guessed that but it’s still another season.


How did Studio 10 go in comparison to TMS and TE?