Monday 25 February 2019

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Surprised by that as my social’s were buzzing with Gaga chit chat yesterday. I watched the repeat and the ceremony itself was pretty boring… but the part I cared about the most was Gaga’s performance and win which I had already seen that online.


That’s a discussion for next year and the idea has merit. Airing it at 7pm opposite A Current Affair didn’t help though did it? Issues are more fundamental but this is a thread focusing on 25/2/19 not 25/1/20 so I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss.


How many would have streamed it on 9now though?


Good point.

At some time Seven will have to take a risk. They might be satisfied with their ratings right now but it won’t be long before they act.


Last year it was 10,000 nationally.


I don’t think they’d be satisfied at all, despite telling porkies about it in public. I have never seen a network spin bad ratings results as much as Seven does.

Probably higher this year.


Nah I think that Seven need to try something completely new at the start of the year next year. Starting a week or two earlier is not going save a show in decline. MKR might still have some more life if it’s moved to another time of the year when Seven usually struggle, maybe September-November.


It doesn’t help that MKR has H&A as a lead-in at 642,000 while MAFS has A Current Affair on 883,000.

After the initial interest in DWTS being revived last week, it was inevitable that it was going to drop once audiences saw it was the same concept they lost interest in, years ago.


It hasn’t been a good start by 10. However, I don’t think the Dancing With The Stars aquisition is such a bad one. I think it has done ok by 10’s standards. I just don’t think it was put on at the right time of the year.


Usually cause the weddings are boring. The dinner party episodes and the commitment ceremony episodes are where it’s at. Last nights episode was pretty boring, the only drama was the over bearing Hungarian dad. Nothing so far has topped Cyrell and her “you ain’t no king ding-a-ling” line :stuck_out_tongue:


How come Home and Away rated better? Interesting storyline?

Also why do they code DWTS as 2 separate things . It’s odd. Not like we are watching 2 shows a separate elimination show .


I like the suggestion but would it clash with Masterchef? I think a post-Easter launch (after MAFS) or post-Masterchef at the end of the year would work. Seven and Ten need to work out their schedule because I don’t think it’s a good idea to have two reality shows of the same genre competing against each other.


Additionally, they get all the financial benefits from being able to sell both the show and its format overseas

Their PR team wouldn’t be doing their job properly if they didn’t.


Surprised that you haven’t mentioned DWTS lead in? NOT.


Surprised it took you this long to do so. Yet again.




It is odd but nearly every single reality on 10 with eliminations seem to do it.


Not if it was put in September like Chris suggested :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what I thought of with your comment :

(Sorry for the bad quality)


Judge Judy: Judgement for Bev and Paul…the axe from the entirety of Network 10, we’re done thank you.