Monday 20 July 2020

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Wow, that’s a fantastic result. 10 would be overwhelmed. The figures this season as well have shown that the show has a new light.

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Yeah but it was on an hour later. That is to be expected.

Well deserved win to 10 with brilliant ratings for MasterChef finale and HYBPA (despite the 9.25pm start). And it was a consistent ratings winner for the network during its three-month run.
The FTA premiere of movie Deadpool 2 was belted by both MC finale and HYBPA.


Glad to see it doing better than those shows.

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True but it’s viewers who don’t watch Madterchef probably tuned in at its 2 advertised times of 8:40, then 9pm but on the night i think it was nearly 9:30.
It’s already a hit and has a high loyal audience, Do 10 need to mislead it’s audience for either show?

Such a great season of MC. Kudos to everyone involved in its reinvention this year.

A lesson in how to freshen an ageing franchise.


Solid figure for the footy considering the Crows are on the bottom of the AFL ladder.


It’s a tricky way to boost Masterchef. I watched it waiting for HYBPA.


Well done to MasterChef. 1.5million is huge for any show on TV today. To think the Winner Announced segment beat the MAFS 2020 finale numbers. Pretty amazing effort for a show in it’s 12th year!. Masterchef also built an audience throughout the episode unlike The Voice.


More numbers

Ratings: MasterChef Grand Final delivers 10 a Monday night ratings win; best result since 2016

From Nine:

TODAY wins the breakfast show battle with People 16-39 across the 5 City.

TODAY was a timeslot winner across the combined East Coast and in Melbourne and Brisbane.

TODAY saw its highest rating metro episode of the past six weeks.

9News was the winning news bulletin of the night across the 5 City Metro with all key demographics and was a timeslot winner in Sydney and in Brisbane.

9News achieved a national peak audience of 1.639 million (Metro: 1.246 million / Regional: 394,000) and a national average audience of 1.475 million (Metro: 1.154 million / Regional: 321,000).

A Current Affair was a timeslot winner in Brisbane

Hot Seat won its timeslot across the East Coast and in Sydney and Melbourne.

Tipping Point was a dominant timeslot winner across the 5 City and in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Tipping Point saw its highest ever rating metro episode (since launching on Nine in December 2019).

From 10

Channel 10:

  • #1 channel of the night.
  • #1 channel in under 50s and all key age groups (25 to 54s, 16 to 39s and 18 to 49s).
  • Biggest audience since October 2017.

Network 10:

  • #1 network of the night.
  • #1 network in under 50s and all key age groups.
  • Biggest audience since July 2016.

MasterChef Australia – The Winner Announced:

  • Biggest Winner Announced since 2016.
  • Biggest entertainment audience in 2020.
  • #1 show of the night.
  • #1 show in under 50s and all key age groups.
  • #1 across its timeslot.
  • #1 across its timeslot in under 50s and all key age groups.

MasterChef Australia – Grand Finale Part 2:

  • 1.64 million viewers nationally. 1.26 million capital city viewers (confirmed times).
  • Biggest Grand Finale Part 2 since 2016.
  • #2 show of the night.
  • #2 show in under 50s and all key age groups.
  • #1 across its timeslot.
  • #1 across its timeslot in under 50s and all key age groups.

Have You Been Paying Attention?:

  • #1 across its timeslot.
  • #1 across its timeslot in under 50s and all key age groups.

The Project 7pm:

  • #1 across its timeslot in under 50s and all key age groups.

10 News First:

  • #1 across its timeslot in under 50s and 25 to 54s, #2 in 18 to 49s.

A big night for 10 with the MCA Finale topping the evening. Shows you don’t need big event sport to have big ratings. Their primetime offerings are strong. Good season all round.


This is an amazing achievement for a show in its 12th year (I hope I have that right).


This is the competition that MC beat in overnights. Will have to wait to see if the consolidated and VPM numbers when added confirm this.


It is just incredible!

Seven shows the Melbourne News here in Adelaide at 4:00 so it’s not local anymore. I watch Hot Seat at 4 instead.

Tipping Point is at 3pm

You know prime time hasn’t gone well when you’re trumpeting the success of your 3pm British game show.

That said, if it’s beating The Chase UK at 3pm, could a local version beat The Chase Australia at 5pm?

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Isn’t that what Nine are hoping to do with Tipping Point UK in the long run? UK version at 3pm now and possibly Tipping Point Australia replacing Hot Seat in a year or two from now.

Seven did exactly that with The Chase, remembering how the UK version was on-air for a couple of years before The Chase Australia was launched.


The big test will be how MasterChef performs next season/year. Only then will we know whether the ‘Back to Win’ season really reinvigorated the show from a long-term ratings POV or if it was merely boosted by a combination of factors (namely its all-star nature).


Channel 10 is doing well and winning the night thanks to Masterchef FInale and HYBPA. It’s july and Channel 10 want to be competitive during its primetime slots. My feeling is that Masterchef Australia has improved from last year where they introduced new judges.

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