Monday 18 February 2019

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LOL, now there’s a company I’m sure would prefer to be sponsoring MAFS instead of MKR right now (since they’ll probably cop a fair bit of heat for keeping their home brand milk at $1 while Woolworths has ditched it) but that’s for another topic.

But seriously, doesn’t Married At First Sight have KFC or one of the other major fast food outlets (which of course, primarily aim their products at younger consumers) as a program sponsor?

I don’t have children nor plan to in the foreseeable future. But if I did have kids, I definitely wouldn’t allow them to watch either My Bitchin’ Rules or Non-Binding Commitment Ceremony Melodrama At First Sight!




I’m sure Seven are aware of this already.


Indeed, which is why they seem to push for a demo-switch in the 2nd half of the year in terms of their programs.


The CW is not on the same level as FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC.

And arguably FOX depending on who you ask as I don’t think they ever were interested in all people, just younger demos. At least that’s what it seemed like from their programming.


And Ten don’t want to be fifth in the market.


DWTS was an odd choice for 10, it skewed old,even on seven, and it’s not like they have made fundamental changes to it that suddenly make it something young folks will flock to.

Given that AGT was floating around the market (and seven subsequently) picked up, I though this might have been a better choice for 10 to try to reinvent.


Well that’s a blatant lie right there and one that suits Nine to promote considering they aim to win various demos. While it’s true that the vast majority of advertising decisions/spend is influence by how shows perform/don’t perform in the various ratings demographics, Stephenson can’t seriously suggest that there aren’t brands who are currently advertising on MAFS because it’s currently the top rating show on TV




I guess the other argument is its also the top rating show in the demos… Sorry I am a little confused but what you are suggesting. All networks have said before they key demos is what pays for the shows


What I’m arguing is Stephenson’s right to suggest that how shows perform in the key demos significantly influences how advertising decisions are made and what shows companies/products advertise in. However, he’s wrong to suggest total people is an ‘irrelevant’ measure because there are probably companies/products who want to advertise on the shows that attract the most viewers full stop.


Me thinks if Nine was still Number 1 then they wouldn’t give a toss about demos.


Get you.


The CW is a pretty niche network though. Their highest rating program barely scratches above 1.5 million and a 0.8 in the 18-49 demos.


Bad mother’s started off decent but people took to social media slamming the show. I think some people find the drama bad especially the production.
I thought that dancing with the stars will fail but they got decently numbers. Hope that this show will sustain ratings (once married and MKR is over)


And have you seen their ratings lately?


U never know. You wouldnt assume Peppa Pig would top 16-39s and 25-54s however she does


Yeah but it doesn’t really. Parents put the show on and let their kids watch. So OzTAM is recording the adults that are ‘watching’. There are so many flaws with the current OzTAM system and is a reason why I wouldn’t look too much into that sort of figure. You can see why networks are looking at other measurements of engagement.


So News Breakfast could now be coming second in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth?

What are Today numbers like in Brisbane?


7 axed dwts when it was getting high 800k’s. 10s version clearly has a much higher production and promo budget and got 250k less. Add in the curiosity factor, and I think 10 would have expected much more, even with the natural decline in fta factored in. Seems to me the only audience that tuned in were some of the ones that were still hanging around after 15 seasons on 7.

The poor demos wouldn’t be a surprise to 10, whatever their strategy, they would have gone into DWTS knowing full well that it is an old skewer. But the fact it didn’t perform in total people either would be a concern.