Monday 18 February 2019

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Have you watched the show? It’s content and feeling is rubbish. And extremely fake / try hard.
I think the ratings are an acurate representation of quality between the 2 shows.
I know it’s cool to back an underdog but at what point do give up on them? They don’t learn.


Mutiliple city shoot :relieved:


No I like sleep way too much to be watching morning tv. I am not backing anyone. Simply wondering why the primetime figures aren’t trickling into the morning. When someone turns the tv on in the morning what comes on straight away? The channel you had on the night before. That would surely be 9.


Correct, then they switch over straight away after seeing what Today is offering up.
That’s why brekky TV so important as it sets up the day and often points to big prime time shows.


But that is totally incorrect as well. 7 have had no benefit this year. So if breakfast tv is so important why isn’t Sunrise helping MKR?


MKR is a tired show. Can’t polish a turd.


You are not listening to me. They are turning Seven on in the mornings because they prefer Sunrise. Viewers aren’t that dumb or lazy. They are actively turning Nine off and Seven on because they like Sunrise more than Today for the reasons I have outlined.


How can this thread have nearly 50 comments so early in the piece :hot_face:


But as you said breakfast will point to big primetime shows. Shouldn’t it be getting a bit of a boost? I just find it odd that Sunrise isn’t helping MKR and Married isn’t helping Today. The translation does not make sense.

Are the demographics of Married and Today completely different? I guess with two female hosts it would be looking for a feminist audience quite the opposite of Married maybe.

Does Sunrise and MKR’s audience line up.

I find it all a bit strange and things don’t really add up to me.

Mate I am listening to you. Your point isn’t what I am getting at, so I don’t think you are actually listening to me!

I get what you are saying. Viewers are not dumb or lazy. But when you turn on the TV you sometimes get drawn into something that is on and keep watching. I do it all the time. After watching MKR the night before when I get home I will switch on and accidently get hooked into the news, a service I hate. Then turn over to Pointless after about 10 minutes. It happens. That is why I am simply wondering why Married hasn’t helped Today.

Well obviously… Hence why I am asking why!


Maybe SR is helping MKR, we don’t know how much worse off MKR would be if SR wasn’t rating so well.
But there’s obviously no hard and fast rule. Just comes down to the better product.


And you just added to it with that pointless comment.


I guess this is what nine have to look at because it would be obvious the first channel that would be switched on is theirs. They will have to look at ways in grabbing viewers in.


Its a new ratings season with heaps of new and returning shows in the schedule. Wake up, @sully. :sleeping: :sleeping_bed: :zzz:


The Analysis :tv: is off the hook this morning.


Just don’t see ratings thread get that many comments and it’s not even midday, harder to follow after the first few and because of the system glitches with Apple devices where you scroll and it jumps back and forward, cutting off half the commemts


Sunrise is a superior product. The ‘why’ has been answered over and over. It may sound subjective or be perceived that way but clearly it is favoured. The presenters might be more popular, panel more experienced, news coverage more local, segments featuring better talent. It could be all or any number of things.


Uh oh. Some won’t be happy.


So simple, yet so true ! Logic prevails.


The ratings reflect what I am saying. The fact it’s more popular and preferred isn’t made up.


No you are not getting what I said… I am not debating what is the superior product. I am asking why what is nine doing wrong. I get what you are saying, you repeating that is only annoying not adding the comment I asked whatsoever.

@ryan1890 I am wondering whether you are reading the comments properly or just taking a sentence to repeat what you keep saying…