Monday 18 February 2019

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Home and Away’s days in that 7pm slot on the main channel are numbered.

That’s not a good number for the series premiere given the promotion over summer. It’ll be below 600K in the next few night’s you’d expect.

The bigger concern for seven will be that its return saw MKR drop to its lowest number to date, 500K behind MAFS and DWTS fairly close at its heels.


Very interesting seeing how close DWTS was to MKR in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Perth still rusted on to Seven.


Instant Hotel also slumped losing 100,000 from last week’s debut and only slightly ahead of a Graham Norton encore on Ten. Later in the night The Latest had its lowest ratings so far.

Lowest ever.


The excuse for not airing Home and Away weeks ago was pathetic and didnt make sense.
The only thing ive seen from airing MKR from 7pm being beneficial to 7, is it didnt let The project get its audience back after summer.


MKR had three weeks of a Seven News/Today Tonight lead in – constantly ranked as one of the top 5 shows of the night and #1 nationally from 6.30-7. So I completely disagree that lead in is the problem with that show.


Maybe it was not such a bad idea for MKR to take that 7pm slot.

And also, and I don’t want to ignite another debate - as a long time viewer of MKR, I note that last night’s episode was ‘uneventful’ - meaning it was all about cooking and not so much about bitching. And it got one of the lowest ratings this season. Just saying :slight_smile:


What happens when MKR and House Rules finish? Today Tonight in all markets opposite ACA?

A decision on moving a 30 year old show as reliable as Home and Away shouldn’t be made lightly but I agree, it is now looking like a 7TWO offering with encores late night on the main channel perhaps. The only other option is for a drastic overhaul behind the scenes.


If Home and Away moves to a multichannel it is going to get even lower ratings though.


I think Seven should do that.


Maybe as long as the overseas are loving this show, I think it should be fine?


I just don’t get how Today is doing so poorly with the amount of viewers 9 has during primetime.


“Under 50s Network” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have said it over and over, the Sunrise brand is strong. Along with the quality. It has been consistently there, reliable, informative, entertaining and friendly for the past 15 years. The producers have tweaked it enough over that time to maintain its relevance.


Proves success in primetime doesn’t guarantee good breakfast ratings the next day.


At least Seven has one shining spot under a pile of rocks.


The ratings for DWTS are around what I was expecting. Not bad for a show that ran so late and also a revived show that most people were sick of seeing when it was axed.

MAFS didn’t lose any of its audience and is unstoppable it would seem, but MKR suffered. Looks like some viewers sampled DWTS or is it because they have such a weaker lead-in with Home and Away now? Were they doing the right thing screening MKR at 7pm? Anyway, Home and Away is going to struggle to keep that timeslot this year. Maybe Seven will roll out Today Tonight across the country again for 7pm.

Instant Hotel has been wasted in that timeslot.

Bad Mothers debut did well. I suspect it may be revised down when actual start time is measured and considering the bad reviews it has had, will drop next week.


You might have said that over and over but it still doesn’t really answer the comment I posted. But thanks for stating it.


I’d love to see them do something with Tommy and Hamish in the morning. I think those two have good chemistry that could be a real point of difference to Today and Sunrise.


Some numbers from equivalent day in 2018



The issue is that Dancing was a launch. Celebrity wasn’t. I think next week will paint a better picture.