Monday 11 February 2019

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For a network that used to be so consistent with scheudling their erratic scheduling this year has really backfired. MKR at 7:00pm is just going to have bigger problems for Home and Away later in the year, Instant Hotel could have been a short 4-5 week series at the conclusion of MKR this year and House Rules pushed back slightly. So many silly programming schedules that could really harm them further down the line.


I wonder if they might pull Instant Hotel and try relaunching it later in the year, to save it.


Who would know honestly? They’ve made some bonkers decisions lately. I have grave fears for Ms Fisher launching in that timeslot.


No doubt Nine will be extremely happy that “Non-Binding Commitment Ceremony At First Sight” is continuing to go off like a rocket, absolutely smashing it in the demographics and with individual Sydney/Melbourne market ratings North of 400k! :open_mouth:

Elsewhere, I wonder if Ten would really benefit from scheduling “Celebrities in the Jungle” towards the end of the ratings year in Late October/Early November after all the big franchises on Seven & Nine have finished?

Yep I agree. Seven need to find a “MAFS killing” program, just as Nine have found their “MKR killing” program.


Remember - it took Nine quite a few years to find an ‘MKR killing’ program. I still think it’s going to be a tough summer schedule for Seven in years to come.


I feel for Seven but this is the nature of television. A lot of success hinges on luck and timing. Audience’s consumption habits change a lot and so much of what works is contingent on so many dots being connected or parts of a machine working together.


Seven’s usual solution:

Step 1: Saturate the market leading up to the next series with relationship programming

Step 2: Clone the concept with a twist


With that line up of relationship shows waiting, you can bet it will happen all the time.


Could Bride and Prejudice work next year instead of MKR ?


Head to head with Married? I think that is quite silly.


Agree. Why would you put a weaker less popular dating show up against one that is doing really well? That would do way worse than MKR.


It would be disastrous. Like if they put MKR up against Masterchef and vice versa. Nine tried that with Reno Rumble opposite House Rules and it failed.


Just check out the Seven up fronts. There are new shows later this year on Seven.


Australia’s most daring social experiment has gotten a whole lot bigger Based on Seven’s controversial series Seven Year Switch , six couples will put their relationships to the ultimate test in THE SUPER SWITCH.


The mother of all social experiments is getting a facelift Two women from two very different families swap their homes and lives for two weeks.


From the creator of The Bachelor comes the new sensation in dating shows.


A wedding is the most important day of a couple’s life. But for some, an ordinary celebration just won’t do. They want the extraordinary.


I’ve got a hunch that the only thing that will ‘kill’ MAFS is waning audience interest. I say this because it seems like to me that MAFS 2.0 has been ‘laboratory developed’ to be a ratings hit by taking the major aspect of reality TV that most viewers love/want to see (drama) and doing everything possible to encourage/produce conflict. One way it does this is combining aspects from other reality shows in order to get the most drama possible from having the ‘couples’ live together (Bachelor/Bachelorette) to the dinner parties (MKR) to the ‘commitment ceremonies’ (Tribal Council aspect of Survivor minus the jury).

While I don’t like the show, I (in a strange way) respect Nine for continuing to unashamedly promote MAFS 2.0 as something it’s not (a ‘social experiment’) when pretty much every aspect of the show is carefully and deliberately designed for the ‘relationships’ which the ‘couples’ are in to fail


The ratings for MAFS keep going up. Critics can continue to savage it but the audience is buying what Nine are selling.


And don’t the fanboys love it. They can’t stop talking about it.


What else is new, it’s just the latest trashy reality show to become popular and it won’t be the last.


Audiences love drama. Real life drama.


Nine did the same thing to MAFS in 2017 as they did to The Block in 2011 in massively expanding a limited run series into a tentpole reality tv show that airs 4-5 times a week. Both times they’ve been very successful.


Any results for The Latest?