Mock Studio Designs


How do you get a transparent glass effect in indigo, I have tried but it always just turns out being black


From my experience the glass object needs to be 3D


Right click on the surfaces that appear black and then click on “reverse faces”. That should fix the issue, if not then no idea what is wrong.


Apologies, currently have no internet at home and am unable to post,[quote=“edwardtremethick, post:421, topic:416, full:true”]
How do you get a transparent glass effect in indigo, I have tried but it always just turns out being black

I will be able to help when I have the internet, it’s an easy process but better explained with images.


No problems. Hope all is going well :slight_smile:


FINALLY got a round tuit

Select the material

Right click on it, on the skindigo menu select edit '[MATERIAL NAME HERE]" (Material Style)

Then change from whatever the defult is to thin glass then you end up with the light glass that is in my models

Useful stuff for mocks


Ha ha, I think I’ve actually got one of those


Thanks for the glass tutorial



Brilliant work. (Adelaide pride!)

Not too sure about putting the desk in the corner though, disrupts the cityscape.


Love it, but it looks like the chairs are coming through the table! I know hey aren’t but the reflection makes It look like that


If Nine Regional News adopted the old 9 Studios, I am working on one that uses the shell of the old Adelaide studio.


Great idea. I’ve been saying this about the old ADEL/PER set to reuse as-is, but your idea to refresh the eastern seaboard set is impressive.

Cost-effective way for Nine to give physical sets to their regional bulletins in due time.


Adelaide Studio in 9 Regional News


Nine News Regional, designed to be compact and fairly low-cost. Backdrop is 3x 65" screens (can pick up good ones for less than $2k each) and the desk-front would probably be a lightbox with just generic branding (not like the graphic I used!).

Opening/closing shots would be pre-recorded with local branding on the screens but the existing green-screen arrangement would continue for live segments.

The desk would be angled slightly differently in the Gold Coast to put each presenter in front of their own plasma:



Love your design and studio, Care to share your model with me ?


Implying they’ll collab soon



@GradyACN @eddel How would you guys go about adapting your brilliant designs to the tiny studio of the Gold Coast?


Haha sure, on my phone at the moment but will put it up when I am back on the laptop tonight. I’ll warn you now though, I have a very slap-dash style of modelling…you’ll see what I mean.

Hashtag greddel incoming (don’t know why hashtags go so nutty…)

I’ll have to take another look at how much space there is but I’m hoping that the three plasmas might fit across the back wall where the current lightbox is in which case it’s just a matter of adjusting the angle of the sidewall and moving the cameras around. Sport/weather could be done from the far-left plasma.