Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 1, 2017

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Big news in Melbourne today. Big drop from Fox, clearing way for Smooth to take the #1 FM slot.
1.8 points dropped by Fox in breakfast, with almost all those listeners moving over to Nova, making Nova #1 FM at breakfast.

It would appear that the relaunch of Nova has benefited Nova Entertainment two-fold.


Some good news for 2Day in Sydney. They went up across the whole day (except Drive).

And the Breakfast show was up slightly so it cracked 4.0. Though still way behind Triple J 5.3, smooth 6.2, WS 7.3, Nova 7.6 and KIIS 10.5.

Talking lifestyle has gone up? I was wrong magic was beaten by Talking lifestyle.

Interesting… We will see if the new 2ch can catch up. Perhaps the impact of smooth is too much.

Pretty ironic that Magic1278 in Melbourne went up before it became Talking Lifestyle.

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The release date is far too late into the year.

Used to be second half of February for the first set of data of the year.

First survey for most years has been a standalone result, no wave of data, no rolling sample. This creates anomalies which could be erased if data was carried over.

TV manages new audience data every morning.

I’m sure that 2DayFM (and also MRN with the now 2UE-less Talking Lifestyle) will be pleased with their slight ratings improvement but the big question is this: Just a Survey #1 thing or part of a wider trend?

Sydney FM radio listeners seem to be maturing, what with WSFM and Smooth 95.3 now being the top two FM stations. KIIS 1065 and K&JO still have it at breakfast though!

On the AM front, 2GB seemed to be hit pretty hard by the absences of Alan Jones and Steve Price with whopping 1.6% and 1.7% drops during breakfast and nights respectively. I’d imagine that normality will resume in Survey 2 as those presenters return though.

Because they use ratings boxes attached to TVs. Don’t radio ratings still rely on listeners filing out rating’s diaries?


Well deserved. Fifi & Dave was weak in every incarnation - the reaction in adding Fevola clearly isn’t working.

Time for KIIS to take Fox head on methinks

While I agree that Fifi and Dave was initially weak, it has got a lot better and the ratings would suggest that adding Fevola in April last year was a winning move.

I think it’s more likely that Nova’s relaunch and huge outdoor campaign have been very successful. KIIS have also had a big campaign including the $50,000 secret sound, and despite not seeing much change in ratings, probably drew a number of listeners over from Fox, only to then lose a similar amount to Nova.
Fox have comparatively had very minimal advertising this year, and what they have done hasn’t focused on their breakfast show, so I think that’s the main cause here.

I would be very surprised if we don’t see more Fox billboards popping up in the near future.


Also worth noting this is the first TL survey since they’ve tweaked their line up slightly (ie with Lifestyle talk now at 9am and a half decent daily drive program).

It’s sounding less staggered now.

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The person who proposed smooth FM format was on the money. I did know but was the number one FM station in Melbourne. It is low cost but rates well.

I wonder if a forever classic format on FM, how it would go. I don’t think wsfm will go back to it in Sydney. I never listen to gold FM is it like 2ca ? Might try to tune in online.

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SEN’s breakfast show featuring new line up of Garry Lyon, Tim Watson and Hamish McLachlan has its work cut out to attract more listeners. It dropped from 3.8 last survey to 2.5 this survey.

Smooth FM is a phenomenon in Sydney and Melbourne. They really need to push it on DAB in the other cities.


It’s a pity that you guys up in Brisbane don’t have a Pure Gold or Smooth-type station on FM because I think one would be a big ratings winner in the market! :slight_smile:


Really suprised with the Nova 100 results in Melbourne with the networking from Sydney, was expecting that to be a big fail!
Greg Burns is pulling the results down in Sydney with a 4.7 share, even getting beaten by 2day Fm which has a smaller lead in. It then goes back up to 7.4 for DC. Would Simon Baggs pull a better result??
Nova 96.9 cannot decide whether they want to do Throw back Thursday or not!!
What happened to Nova in Brisbane getting beaten by hit105 and Triple M just behind it, Is the music getting too repetitive?

Here’s an idea for Nova at 3pm leading into Kate Tim and Marty an hour of Jimmy and Nath.
Get rid of the fresh ten update at 3pm and stop repeating the same songs every two hours. Hit / 2day Fm has more variety in their playlist on weekdays and weekends maybe time to follow.

96FM immediately regains some share as (despite retaining KISS style branding) it is re-positioned more towards ARNs Classic Hits network then the Hot AC style format it was running last year.

Nova as strong as it’s ever been in Perth at the moment too.

I wonder whether ARN are regretting showing Robyn Bailey the door. 973 breakfast has gone from 13.1 (top spot) to 11.1 (fourth). Meantime Triple M Breakfast has gone from 8.9 to 11.8.

I never realised she had so much of a following.

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Rough book for 2CH: 2.9 is the lowest share on the station since 1970.


Because the Magic branding and networking, particularly as the brand was being phased out in the other markets was not what listeners wanted.

I’m sure they’ll bounce back stronger though, there are only good comments about the new brand on their Facebook.