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Any caps? Submit them here…

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Vault Feedback and Updates
Vault Feedback and Updates

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Any caps? Submit them here…
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So @ryan is The Vault started from scratch?


This is a temporary thread - once the Vault reopens there will be a full subforum that can be used to submit content, and users will be able to create a new thread for each submission. For example, you may have a set of images for Ten’s 2003 on-air look. You’d post those in a new thread with a title along those lines.

While we’re hoping to restore previous content, if that isn’t possible, we will be starting fresh.


Prime7 - 2016



Some stuff i have saved from the old Media Vault
TEN Eyewitness News

Studio 10


SKY News


Seven Sunrise

Today Tonight

Seven News



NBN News

Prime 7 News

7 Local News

Southern Cross Ten

WIN News




Nine News


For most images of the modifications to Sunrise and Today for 2016 visit their relaunch threads respectively.


Sunrise 2016 Additional Graphics:


I just went through my files and realised I have soo many :joy: I’d have to narrow them down. Network>bulletin/program>year and I have dedicated folders for coverage of special events.

And I’ll also mention that credit belongs to the original uploaders (when I get around to putting them up) :+1:


Various National Nine News Opening Title Cards from 1980’s until 2000


From here on in, please create a thread for your Vault submissions. Thanks.