Media Spy: The Early Years


Yeah, don’t think Evulant/Evo presented any mock news bulletins though.

More great memories I have of the old Media Spy forums were the launches of 4ME and Extra in 2011/12. Who could ever forget the viewer reactions to reduced picture quality of the other network channels?! And then there was some of the more interesting content like Psychic TV, Call & Win, Chat 121 (which I believe a member of the time actually managed to get a shout-out to Media Spy on!) and Babe TV - Nine got a wrap over the knuckles by ACMA over the last one and there was even speculation that one of the two complainers may have been from Media Spy due to his very specific complaint related to program classification! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A bit earlier than that, but I’m fairly sure MediaSpy also got a shout out on the 7HD exclusive The NightCap. Very obscure multichannel TV programs are obviously the MediaSpy mention niche.


Was a little before my time, but wasn’t someone who is now a right wing journalist a member on here in their younger days? I can’t remember who it was right now, but i’ve seen it occasionally mentioned here.

Edit: Was it Caleb Bond?


Yep, Caleb Bond.

In contrast to his more recent work with News Corp I remember Caleb being fairly centric, perhaps even slightly progressive during his Media Spy days!


I miss that show!


It’s about the only show I can think of that had an on screen presenter for the classification advisory.

He’s still here, but as more of a silent, omnipresent being.


Oh my. What was his account name?


Caleb Bond went under his actual name during his time on the forums, if I’m not mistaken.


When was that? I don’t really recall that and I’ve been here for a while


It was around 2014-15 on the pre-Discourse version of Media Spy.

As his views started to change in 2015, he briefly did Alan Jones-style commentary segments for a program on Yass FM 100.3 which may have been presented by another former MS member.


Maybe 2013-14 back on the old boards?