Media Spy: The Early Years


Probably the best place to continue the discussion about Media Spy members who’ve come and gone. :slight_smile:

On the subject of Evulant/Evo:

Like most Media Spy members back then I also disliked the graphics Seven News used during the 2012-13 timeframe (probably a good thing the dodgy Nine News rip-off supers only lasted a year or so), but this user’s obsession with the globe was on a completely different level. Almost @Mitchell_Nock-esque if I’m being honest!

One wonders what he’s thinking now with Scott Bevan (who to be fair, was great presenter of “Afternoon Live” on News 24 with Kumi Taguchi and also had a memorable appearance on “Media Circus”) leaving TV about 2-3 years ago to become an author and musician/songwriter, while Nick Grimm is still at the ABC…


That takes me back… I remember the endless arguments on here.


Where did Cyril Washbrook go? A good contributor I thought.


Oh yes l remember him well… he was a memorable member. The obsession with the globe made him a target for ridicule back then.
I remember speaking to him a few times he was actually a lovely guy.


Yeah, as I recall he seemed OK on the occasions I messaged with him back in the day but it’s definitely the obsession with the Seven News globe (among other things) most will remember Evulant/Evo for.

One wonders what he’s up to these days? Haven’t heard anything since his YouTube channel went offline!


He probably hit puberty, graduated high school and discovered sex… like most MediaSpies will do eventually… well most will achieve one of the three at least :sunglasses:


Didn’t he post a video of himself reading a mock news bulletin or am I thinking of someone else?


You might be thinking of @HarbourSideTv?


Might happen one day for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Discovered… experienced… and now a distant memory :sob::flushed::sunglasses:


Hopefully living a happy life away from the internet.


Well that happens to some as we grow older :neutral_face:


Without mentioning an exact name (other than to say that some here should know who exactly I’m talking about) there was another aspiring journalist who around the age of 14 in 2013 presented a mock Seven News Sydney weather forecast and similar to HarbourSideTV, also had that network’s news & current affairs department as a kind of early teenage obsession.

It’s probably fair to say that particular user’s strong interest in Seven News Sydney faded away as most of the good presenters/reporters moved on and is probably more an ABC person these days, although I could still imagine him being excited about the prospect of having Bathie presenting 10 News First in 2019! :slight_smile:


Ahhh so it was the other young Seven-obsessed guy. Always get the two mixed up.


A memory only a strange looking purple vegetable can bring back?


Well that is @KnowItAll obsession! :joy:




It always seemed to surprise me that most have had an obsession of Seven when it seems that most are cheering for Nine and 10 these days.


Let’s not forget you had a slight obsession with Seven when you first joined mate :wink:


Definitely. Some people might have even mistaken me for Mitch lol!