Media Spy: The Early Years


You may be thinking of Fintan O’Mahoney’s web site which had Aussie and Irish caps.

I also remember Evan Davis’s web site. He had lots of NBN and Gold Coast stuff. Also Michael Costello (aka michos) who founded Austvlogos. He had a Geocities site full of caps IIRC.


Stop making in me feel old


This is probably it:

Also, there’s a few pages of via where there’s still some (but not all) playable videos!


I’m sure that’s the website that I found Media Spy from. Used to love the history and videos on that site!


I remember listening to 5MMM on RealPlayer back in 1998 which was my first experience with streaming radio. Plenty of buff-uff-uff-ering but it still blew me away as a 12 year old.

As for my own story with MediaSpy, I first lurked in around 2007 or 2008, about the time DTV Forums radio section went quiet. I’m not sure if there was any radio discussion prior to this on MS (and radio is still very much a minor part of the current forum if we’re being honest).

I do miss dbrmuz from 2010-2013; I think he ruffled a fair few feathers but it was all good fun.


I still might have his email address if you want it haha. We kept in contact a bit after he left mediaspy.


He did say he wished I’d died in an earthquake but apart from that, sure.


Hahaha it could have been worse


Dying in an earthquake is preferable to being eaten alive I suppose, but not much else!


Tsunami would be worse for me


A slow end in 45C+ desert heat would do it for me. At least there’s a decent chance of a quick exit in an earthquake, tsunami, volcano, tornado, nuke etc.

The Lithgovian sense of humour is an acquired taste.


I’ve always admired Roy Slaven’s sense of humour.


And just maybe, a last opportunity for some DXing!


I wonder what “POWERZONE” (or later PZ, I think) is up to these days? He mainly posted in the radio threads IIRC.


I believe he’s now a fitness facility in Frankston, on the Mornington Peninsula


Also known as Lightning Lloyd. He was with SWR FM iirc.@matt86 or @Alex_Agaciak may know something?


Haven’t heard from Lloyd for ages. Least I heard he was posting on the old MS as “PZ” . I don’t think he ever migrated to the new forum when it changed.


What a place.


Pity really, he was a very good contributor back in those earlier days, and had a good (and more widely enjoyed) sense of humour


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