Media Spy: The Early Years


I distinctly remember joining in 2007 thinking that most people on Media Spy were in the industry and would have all the answers I wanted to know.
Around the same time I purchased Microsoft Office 2007 and went crazy creating mocks on PowerPoint using the ‘reflection’ effects. I recall the only positive/ constructive feedback was from @WAtvVideos, which inspired me to keep at it.
11 years on, I’ve had interviews at all 3 commercial networks for graphic design positions (Nine very much the standout), and I’m now in the industry as a graphic artist.
I’ve also never studied graphic design and instead used my many mocks on here in my portfolio - beating people with degrees in design.
Had @WAtvVideos not given me positive feedback in the early stages, I most certainly would have stopped making graphics.


Thanks @RegionalTV . You should post the mock so we can see how far you’ve come!


Yet you’re completely fine writing this about a female in another thread.


I originally joined MediaSpy back in 2009, I didn’t post a lot back then apart from uploading some really bad mocks that I still have in my hard-drive :confused:


The very early days…

Eerily predicted Samantha Heathwood presenting a 9 local news bulletin 8 years ago…


Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t there a some video interviews or a podcast conducted on this site… I can just remember something to do with Sky News.


Since this page is talk about the history of @MediaSpy so I will talk about my obsession of Australia TV in the past:

The first time I got access to @AUTV is in around 2011/2012 - that is must be after I got an Ipad 1. With obseed of TV, I search something called BTV because in my country there is a station named that. But what I see is just a “strange” channel called BTV6 with the big 6. Sometime I wonder: “what is ABV2” until I clicked on the video: that’s just ABC. Sometime I see something that have the big number 7, and I thought “what is ATN7” untill I realise that is just the “big number 7” that I mentioned above. I also seen a “Capital TV” too.

Everything would be clear when I began research again few years later: Capital is just CTC/SC10, Six Network history is still unclear untill few months later, I saw something called VICTV (or just VIC). It’s clear because when I research on wikipedia, Six Network is actually VIC. Then I saw a term called “aggregation”. I research further, and, at one point, I even obseed with the logo of AUTV stations in the past, so I Google it. Anything about logo is came from @TelevisionAU, which I later know @myfriend actual name when I see @myfriend’s twitter, and in the now-defunct AusTVhistory.

I only came on this forum at about 2016/2017, when I’m very exhausted to find some traces about ITQ/QSTV. The mystery is, why Imparja stuff is so much but for ITQ/QSTV, that’s virtually zero, #myfriends ???

About me: I’m Vietnamese, and my family doesn’t have any Aussies accent and/or ancestors.

I never went to Aussie yet, but my father did. He went to Sydney, Perth, Darwin in 2012.

And through I’m just 14 years old, I’m vey obseeded with AUTV in the past, #myfriends.


I first read and contributed to Mediaspy in 2006, under another name. Apart from a couple of absences for a few months I’ve read it and contributed since then.


It depends where people live #myfriend. We mustn’t have any members there.


Now you’re showing your age!


yes ‘mentoring’ is definitely a word I’d use in one case.


Woah story time please


I would imagine it’s not a bedtime story for your young ears Tommy,your better off reading your Cinderella bedtime story… :no_mouth:


Used waybackmachine and found out that I found in October 2007, many different designs of Media Spy over all those years, a much more polished website and so glad we no longer have the topics on individual presenters anymore.


I remember being kicked out of that group.


One of the more memorable moments from being on this forum was when Justin Bieber came to Sydney in 2010 and the free Sunrise concert at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay was cancelled due to the rowdy teenage girls not behaving properly. They ended up with a billion screaming teenagers converging on Martin Place wanting to see Bieber.

We got an insider perspective when Adam Boland posted on here defending the decisions made on that day. I particularly remember a video clip where some bogan parent called the program ‘Sunshine’ in a news report, which was absolutely hilarious.


Thankfully this is still online, at the 2:04 mark:

I wonder if that bogan came from Mt Druitt or Rooty Hill? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sunshine (or maybe Morning Sunshine) actually wouldn’t be a bad name for a morning TV program. Except maybe if its not actually sunny… ?


On the topic of insider knowledge, I remember reading through the old forums a few years back about someone who had insider knowledge at Seven News Melbourne in 2005. He made a thread about the early 2005 relaunch of the set a few weeks or so before it actually happened.


I pine for those days. Prognosticators who actually know what they are writing about.