Media Spy: The Early Years



That takes me back…:rofl:


I remember those.

Guess you lot now know who I was in the pre-discourse days. :rofl:


Yes I do :smile:

You have had at least two other usernames that I can think of.


Oh god yeah. i think i signed up in 2008. I was an absolute tool back then. Its like going back to old facebook posts and cringing and then deleting. Although I’m still i bit of a tool.


The war over signature supremacy between Seven and Nine fans would be one of my favourite memories.


I think that reference is more accurate for me rather than you. The reason being that I used to fanboy Seven a lot back in the day and was quite delusional for a long time to think that Seven deserved to be No.1.


Going back to 2012-13, who could ever forget a particular member and his obsession with (of all things) the globe used in Seven News’ graphics of the time?! Not sure what he’s up to these days, but I think he was last on the forums around Early 2015-ish.


Ahh, yes. The Qarlo anomaly.


Quarlo? I thought it was Evo or Evulant.

I remember when he described someone in the Federal Politics thread as having down syndrome, and then everyone reacted, so he edited it and claimed it never happened and that we were lying. The Gestapo-lite made short work of him.


I think Qarlo was his last username before disappearing.


Good. Thought we needed a thread for this :slight_smile:


We had our fair share of creeps back in those days but I’m aware of a few schoolboys who posted here in the early years who went on to have careers in the media. Members who worked in the media took a keen interest in mentoring some of our younger contributors and set them on their path.

I remember massive slanging matches taking place in the Sunrise thread around 2005-2006 and it having to be closed on occasion. Glad I wasn’t a mod in those days.


I only discovered Media Spy in 2016, trying to find any potential information on the rollout of Prime7 HD and 7Flix to regional NSW, so my work here is done.

On another note, I remember a forum from…2004? 2005? Which posted a lot of old television clips but only allowed people who would actively contribute to the site to access their library. This was pre-YouTube days so any archive clips were a goldmine. I did have bits and pieces that I had taped from clip shows, but I didn’t have the means to upload content from VHS tapes to my PC…nor was I keen on sending my VHSs away for someone else to digitise them. Was that Media Spy, or was that another site?


I remember that site!, that was a long time back (2012 or 2013 IIRC).


Does joining when i’m thirteen count :joy::joy: I set a record over on Whirlpool, and on many other sites!
Gee, I was very lonely when I was in yr 7 :stuck_out_tongue:


I joined MediaSpy in the early 00’s to apologise after getting caught stealing caps from members to make video montages for a Yahoo! group called Austvlogos. Those were the days.


Don’t worry, AusCelbs seems to have taken over this department. There are some great caps of TV history, but the comments are rather vile.


I joined when I was 13 - and am still here 14 years later! Do something better with your life :slight_smile:


Always trying… I must just be a big nerd :wink::wink:

That was the site, looking at that now and it’s vial, borderline indecent and absolutely creepy.
The “Download all images” button is the most disturbing of them all.